Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Delete or Not Delete, That is the Question.

This blog was such an important part of my life for a couple of years.  As you can see if you scroll down through the last several pages it has just about died a very slow death.  So many times I've decided to delete it but then I look at it and plan to go through and save everything first... and then never do. 

How does someone who was a stay at home mom for twenty-two years make the transition to full-time working woman?  I wish I had chronicled that journey... 

I still dream of writing and publishing a book.  Honestly, the ultimate goal is to have it made into a movie.  I am so out of the habit of writing though so I don't even know how to get to a place where I can start working on that project again.

When I try to think of things to write about I keep hearing my college English professor saying to write about what you know.  So what do I know these days?

Ha! Yeah... still not easy. 

So, I'm sitting here in my office during my lunch break... staring out the window... staring at the computer screen...  and wondering if it is even possible to get back to that place where everything just flows.  I just don't know.

Sigh... still staring.


Melody said...

I still blog, but things have changed. Maybe just set a goal to do a once a week post. It doesn't have to be everyday. Good to "see" you! :)

Paul Mitchell said...

I read over 300 posts today and this one was the very best.

Chris H said...

I had a moment yesterday when I contemplated deleting my blog... some days are like that.
I have missed your blog VERY MUCH.
I hope you stick around.
I write best at night, so often do a blog post before I go to bed, and schedule it to publish in the morning.
Perhaps you could try that?