Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Not Sure I Remember How to Blog...

It has been so long and everything looks different!  Why do they change things?

Well, Colorado has certainly been in the news lately!  The Waldo Canyon Fire affected us in that the Flying W Ranch burned to the ground four days before our daughter was supposed to get married there.  Thankfully, we were still able to have the wedding at another location and it was beautiful.

Back in January of 2010 I posted this... this hike was actually through Waldo Canyon.

The shooting spree at the new Batman movie premiere... my goodness.  We just can't even grasp it all.

Personally, I started a new job the first of May and have been trying to adjust to this new schedule in the midst of absolute craziness...

I hope those that still check back here from time to time are all well.  I would like to get back into blogging at some point but I don't know how to juggle everything.