Sunday, October 9, 2011

Checking In...

How do people that work maintain blogs? I obviously have not figured that out.

These pictures are from my Mountain Man and are from a hike he did last week... Mt. Massive.

I have "crepitus" in my knees and need to have them looked at but am waiting until after a big event I've got this week.

My sweet little Frappy is in Spain for the semester and has a blog if you are interested in learning about the area she is in.

Fly Boy and Chai Tea are living in Florida... very close to Destin. Yes, I am jEaLoUs.

We got snow yesterday but it melted later in the afternoon.

Double Shot is doing well in college. He's on the Scout team which scrimmages with the starters before games. He cracks us up talking about the upper class men that are on the football team with full beards and kids. Being a red shirt is frustrating and he's hoping to take the field on special teams next year.

And he has a girl friend. She's actually here and lives down the street. We've known her family for years and often spend holidays together. Her name on this blog is Sweet Tea. LOL!

Cuppa Joe, Frappy's boyfriend of 3 years, graduated from college in May and has been working in Denver. Now... he's being transferred to Texas for two years and has to leave before Frappy gets back from Spain.

Pumpkin Spice, my mother-in-law who lives with us, left for a couple months to visit relatives in Washington and to take a trip to Hawaii. She got back on Friday and has her best friend from high school coming for a week before she has her other knee replaced on October 24th. She had the first one done in January and then had spinal fusion in April. Her dog, Browny, who is now 13, is still alive and still smelly.

It has been the craziest year!!! We kept thinking things would slow way down in September but they didn't... Whew!

Did I kill my blog? Is anyone out there any more?



noexcuses said...

You didn't kill your blog! I thought maybe you started another one because I haven't seen this one on my blog list. I guess I didn't worry because I see you on f/b all the time, so I sort of know what is going on. Sounds like everyone is doing well! It's good to hear from you in blogland!

claudia said...

I am always here waiting for a word or two about how you are doing. My goodness, so many things are changing. It all sounds good though, except your knee thing. Good luck with that. It's good to hear from you!

Kathy said...

It's raining today so I am at home IN the house and actually had time to look up my old bloggie buddies. Not that you are old... but it is great to read a new entry! Your mountain man's photos are awesome, I am envious of the yellow quakies I see there. And is that a mountain goat? How close did he get? Can he please start a mountain hiking blog, please? Nice to read a quick update of you and yours. I look forward to more....... OK?

Melody said...

Glad to "see" you again!

Life *does* go too fast, and it seems that it never slows down!

Chris H said...

your whole family sounds busy! I'm glad you are happy and working, even if it means we don't hear from you much.

Karen Deborah said...

WE are here. My blog is just collecting dust too. I managed to blog more when I did work! I don't get it. I can't accomplish anything anymore. I need a crew.

Euni Moore said...

Welcome back busy Lady. Sorry about the knee thing. Enjoyed hearing about your family.