Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parenting via Text

Double Shot is a Red Shirt on his college football team. For those unfamiliar with the college football world that means that he is part of the team but can only practice this year which will make him eligible to play the next four years... which also means he has 5 years to complete his bachelors degree. Colleges do this so that they can hold on to those kids that they see potential in but want more time to develop in skill and size.

Double Shot is on the Scout Team which is used each week to prepare the starters for games. Every Sunday night they have a meeting and one kid is named Scout Player of the Week. This is the only formal type of recognition Scouts can get and Double Shot has been wanting to be named Scout Player of the Week... BAD. He has been doing really well in practices playing several different positions. There have been a couple weeks where he was sure he was getting it... and didn't.

By the way, Double Shot is getting EXCELLENT grades!!! In fact, he got 101 on one of his midterms.

Anyway, we usually get a call from him on Sunday night to tell us he didn't get Scout Player of the Week. Tonight that call did not come. So I texted him.

Me: Victories that come easy never compare to those truly fought for. Keep doing your best. You are in God's weight training program and the muscle you are building is in your character. It hurts but in the end you will be stronger. You are a great football player but that is just a gift... How does God want you to use it?

Double Shot: Is that a quote?

Me: LOL! No it isn't a quote. It's straight from your Mama's heart. But you can quote me!

Double Shot: haha okay. :) and of course i didn't get it again. and i deserved it again

Me: You are always my Scout Player of the Week!

Double Shot: geee thanks :p haha

Me: And you are the most handsome boy ever!

Double Shot: i have *friend who is playing football for another college* thinking about coming here. i always help my football team and get no glory. i might as well play o line. haha

Me: Sometimes we have to be content just knowing what our place really is. Also, it is often those overlooked that have the most influence. Glory can be a twisted thing that can destroy a person. Don't wish for it.

Me: Let the recognition you seek be your place on the team. Remember you have not been overlooked entirely.

Double Shot: my place is on the field. i know im not full of it. i have been playing really good

Me: Dang. I should like totally write these texts down. I am rockin' the sage Mom advice tonight! You should like totally listen to me!

Double Shot: haha. do it! make a blog of wise mom quotes or something

Me: Double Shot... You are a football player. From even before we let you start playing at ten. YOU WILL TAKE THAT FIELD. Just don't know when...

Double Shot: better be next year. haha i am good enough. it is freaking d2. i could play now.

Me: Oy. Battery dying. LOVE YOU TONS!!

Double Shot: where you at?

Me: Home

Double Shot: plug it in then! haha

Me: Gotta go clean the kitchen. Booper says he misses you and that he hates that Fat Beast Browny that gets to go wherever he wants and gets ginormo blobs of peanut butter.

Double Shot: hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well... I really LOVED my job. I could see myself doing that job until I couldn't work any more. Unfortunately, my contract ended early. I always knew that my job could end at the end of December but it was a bit of a shock to have it end 2 months early and just days after a huge and very successful event (it was not a fundraiser... just a neat outreach to the disability community). One of the sad facts of working for a non-profit ministry is that funding can dry up pretty quick. I am so grateful for the experience, all the wonderful people I met, the really cool relationships that were built with some, and the financial provision over the last ten months.

My mother-in-law's knee replacement surgery went well yesterday.

Oy... there's actually quite a bit going on. But... you know what? God is on His Throne and I am going to put my trust in Him.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Checking In...

How do people that work maintain blogs? I obviously have not figured that out.

These pictures are from my Mountain Man and are from a hike he did last week... Mt. Massive.

I have "crepitus" in my knees and need to have them looked at but am waiting until after a big event I've got this week.

My sweet little Frappy is in Spain for the semester and has a blog if you are interested in learning about the area she is in.

Fly Boy and Chai Tea are living in Florida... very close to Destin. Yes, I am jEaLoUs.

We got snow yesterday but it melted later in the afternoon.

Double Shot is doing well in college. He's on the Scout team which scrimmages with the starters before games. He cracks us up talking about the upper class men that are on the football team with full beards and kids. Being a red shirt is frustrating and he's hoping to take the field on special teams next year.

And he has a girl friend. She's actually here and lives down the street. We've known her family for years and often spend holidays together. Her name on this blog is Sweet Tea. LOL!

Cuppa Joe, Frappy's boyfriend of 3 years, graduated from college in May and has been working in Denver. Now... he's being transferred to Texas for two years and has to leave before Frappy gets back from Spain.

Pumpkin Spice, my mother-in-law who lives with us, left for a couple months to visit relatives in Washington and to take a trip to Hawaii. She got back on Friday and has her best friend from high school coming for a week before she has her other knee replaced on October 24th. She had the first one done in January and then had spinal fusion in April. Her dog, Browny, who is now 13, is still alive and still smelly.

It has been the craziest year!!! We kept thinking things would slow way down in September but they didn't... Whew!

Did I kill my blog? Is anyone out there any more?