Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Crazy Life

My goodness, I've not been on blogger in so long that I can't figure out how to get the program to let me put text under each picture. And I don't have the patience to figure it out, LOL!

The top pictures are on a hike in Colorado. I haven't gotten to do many of those lately. The incredible sunset was taken in the parking lot of the restaurant we celebrated our 25th Anniversary of our first date. Yes, we celebrate that anniversary, LOL! The next day I left for California on a business trip. The last picture is the sunset in Denver as we were leaving the airport after Mr. Macchiato picked me up... after we waited in line for 45 minutes to report my lost luggage.

I love my job. LOVE IT!!!

My life over the last year has mirrored a sitcom similar to Everybody Loves Raymond or King of Queens. It's definitely an adventure here at Casa de Cafe'.

I'm attempting to get back into blogging... and going to the gym.

I make myself laugh!


Andy said...

Hey CB! Good to see you wading back in. Crazy life = good!

Glad things are going well with y'all. Ya' know, I actually remember the date of my first date with Pam. Pretty easy was the night after she turned 16. Almost 35 years now...time flies.

See ya' 'round the virtual water cooler.

noexcuses said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing! My two favorite are the moon reflection...and the In-N-Out burger (I sure miss those!)

I remember what we did on our first date, but don't remember the was fall.

So glad to have you back. Looks like you've had a wonderful summer!

Chris H said...

It's so neat to see you back.. and to know that you are loving your job.
You just click under each photo and type !

Angela said...

Here we are, both working outside the home after 20 years...I just got a job promotion at Walmart, Customer Service Manager. I'm loving it too. It's amazing...Glad to see you back blogging..loving your pretty toes.Happy Belated 25th.