Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today did not go as I planned.

I let myself into my friend's house so I could get Karl up. I sat with him while he ate his breakfast and then waited for him as he got dressed. I was worried I would scare him but he just sat straight up in bed when I lightly tapped his foot, fully alert.

As I was driving Karl to my friend's office we talked about the episode of The Price is Right that we had just watched while he was eating breakfast.

Karl: How is that man going to get everything he won home?

Me: I'm sure they have a truck and will deliver it.

Karl: That man can't get all that stuff home by himself. I bet they have a truck and will deliver it.

Me: Yup

Karl: That's a lot of stuff. He's going to have to pay Uncle Sam 25%.

The conversation was repeated many times with a few variations.

Karl: I'm going to the zoo tomorrow.

Me: You are? What is your favorite animal?

Karl: Giraffe I think. If I see a Gorilla or a rattle snake I'm not going to touch them. They are dangerous. They might bite me.

Me: That's probably a good idea.

I went back to the house with Karl and my friend and there were several shootings last night being covered on the news.

Karl: I had to turn off the TV. People have been shot and killed. It makes me feel sick in my belly. I can't go out after dark. I have to save my skin. It will save my life. I am smart.

He then went to see if he could find something else to watch...

Karl: I had to turn off the TV. It's the Soaps. I don't like that kissy kissy stuff.

My husband and I will be seeing Karl tomorrow night. At his birthday party. He will be 58.

I'm glad that I changed my plans this morning so that I could help my friend. Like the flower in the picture above... Karl is different and... Karl is beautiful.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy Birthday to Carl. I'm so glad he had you as one of his friends.

noexcuses said...

And what a great friend you are! Hope Carl has a great birthday celebration.

God Bless you!