Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sun Has Set on 2010

Happy First Monday morning of 2011!!!
Are you excited about what this new year may bring you?
I am blown away as I look back over 2010 in my life. It was in February that I was able to speak clearly again after a 5 year long struggle with Spasmodic Dysphonia. I am still so very thankful for this blessing and all the freedom that it has brought me!
I am so grateful for our family, friends and church! We have wonderful people surrounding us!
My trip to Africa... I did not see that coming and am still trying to wrap my mind around all of it.
We have a new family member in the form of a son-in-law... who we LOVE.
My mother-in-law made it through 2010 without injury and is having her knee replacement surgery one week from today.
2010 was an incredible year for our family! I am very much looking forward to what 2011 has in store!


paul mitchell said...

YAY! You survived this past week. Congrats, CB. Happy 2011 to you and the fam.

Melody said...

Happy 2011!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy New Year! I hope this year is filled with lots of exciting times for you and your family.

Chris H said...

I am sure 2011 will unfold and be a lovely year for you too.

Trisha said...

2011 will be even more wonderful!

Flea said...

Hooray!And the new year has already brought you so much joy!!! :)

Bluebird49 said...

Indeed you have had a great, interesting year, it seems. I think you are a soul that knows life is what you make it--and you make it good. I wish I had that spirit of yours!