Monday, January 10, 2011

The Job

Last summer I received an e-mail from a lady at our church forwarding information on a job she thought I might like to apply for. I was very interested and I did. In fact, I've never wanted another job as bad as I wanted that one. I was a finalist for the position but in the end the contract was offered to another.

During the time I was going through the interview process with that job I got a call from my friend, Elysa, asking me what it would take for me to join them on their trip to Africa in September. I told her it would take a miracle and that I actually hoped to be working. As y'all know, it was just days after I learned I didn't get that job that she called asking me if I believed in miracles and I did go to Africa with them. Had I gotten the job that trip would not have happened.

When I got home from Africa we were so busy that my job search was scaled back quite a bit. The fact is there just aren't many jobs here in Colorado Springs right now and between my mother-in-law moving in, Double Shot's sports schedule, the Holidays and Chai Tea's wedding... I thought it would be better to wait until after Christmas anyway.

Well, I got an e-mail from the building manager where the office for that job is located letting me know that it had opened back up. I e-mailed the guy in California that had interviewed me and the ball was set in motion.

Prayer... sometimes the answer is Yes... sometimes the answer is No... sometimes the answer is Wait.

I am technically an Independent Contractor and not an employee of this organization. I've signed a one year contract to act as their Project Coordinator in Colorado Springs. It is a job that holds deep meaning for me and I am so excited to be able to do it! Unfortunately, I need to be vague about it on the blog.

And guess what? I'm going on a business trip in a couple days. I am really excited about it!

My mother-in-law's knee replacement surgery went well today. She can't come home until she can walk stairs and once she's here home health care professionals will come each day to check on her and do physical therapy. She could come home before I leave or be in a rehab facility until I get back. It all depends on how fast she heals and gains mobility.

Needless to say, things are really hopping busy around here... still. Oy!


Elysa said...

Once again I am so blown away by God's PERFECT timing. It is a good reminder for me as you know how badly I want to go back to Swaziland this year and hubby is not thinking that it is good timing. If hubby is hearing from God, then I really, really need to trust that. If God wants me to go, then I need to trust that He'll make that clear to.

Thanks for your encouragement!

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

So yet again God closes a door and opens a window. Wow I'm happy for you! Prayers for you MIL, that she gains full mobility soonest!

Trisha said...

Sometimes busy is a blessing!

Congrats again on the job. God really was looking out for you on this one.

Glad to hear that things are going well for the MIL.

Andy said...

Two thumbs up, CB! I read this when you posted it, but figured you were very busy at the time.

Hope the trip went well. They made a good choice. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

C Bean...checked out your blogs...loving it. I enjoyed spending the weekend in California and getting to know you better. Love having you on board with our ministry! You are much more faithful in updating your blogs...ours is seriously in need of an update.