Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Glad Game

Let's play the Glad Game!

I'm glad that while my bumper was crumpled yesterday, the truck I backed into sustained no damage whatsoever.
I am glad that after surveying the damage and backing out a second time, the car next to me also was not damaged as I smeared paint from my front bumper along its dirt encrusted side.
I am glad that on my third, and last, attempt backing out of that spot that the pedestrian that just decided to walk right between the car next to me and my front bumper was not injured.
I am glad that my husband, son and the entire west side of Applebees was able to witness said event.

My front bumper.

My back bumper.
My car is in the shop this morning. We immediately got two estimates after this happened and are more than happy to go with the quote for just under $500. How two estimates can be so far apart in price amazes me.
I really am glad I did not damage the other cars. OY!!!


paul mitchell said...

Judging from the photo of you, y'all have converted to Islam? What is that get-up called, a "BURKA?"

Laura~peach~ said...

i decided to keep my dented bumper ... when i backed into my own car... gah... its been nearly 2 years... someday maybe i will replace it as that is the only way to repair the plastic ...

Deborah said...

I knew there was a reason I drive as little as possible!

Andy said...

Ummmm, CB...Have you ever considered taking a cab? Or maybe some form of public transportation?

Just curious.

They're professionals, ya' know.

Just sayin'...

Melody said...

Ugh! On the other hand, I'm GLAD that you are optimistic enough to look on the bright side of life :)

Karen Deborah said...

is that your brand new car?