Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Double Shot got...


Friday, November 11, 2011

November already... Oy.

Today is Veteran's Day. I grew up an Army Brat. My son-in-law is in the Air Force. But, when I think of Veterans I think of my Grandpa. He was a Chief Petty officer in the Navy during WWII. He went to be with the Lord on July 4, 2002... Independence Day. He suffered horribly at the end. Cancer.

I am so grateful that I was born an American and for all those that came before that fought for our freedom in this country.

11/11/11... I wonder how many people are getting married today. LOL!

It's funny... well, sad really. But, all that time I couldn't talk I wanted to write a book. I didn't think I was ever going to get my voice back and put it off time and time again. Now, I really want to write it. But I need a job.

I went to Nevada to be with my Dad after he had surgery last week. It was good to get to spend some time with him alone. Unfortunately, I had another attack of optic neuritis and had to fly home like that. It is unbelievable how painful that can be! This week I had 3 doctors appointments. I can't get in to see a Neuro-Opthomologist until December. Ugh! I haven't had eye pain all week but last night I did when I went to bed. It is not hurting now but my vision in my left eye is blurred more than it was earlier this week. Double Ugh.

My mother-in-law continues to recover from her knee replacement surgery. She thinks that this surgery was the worst and complains a lot. I have to laugh. This is the best surgery yet and she's recovering pretty quickly.

The other day I read a blog I hadn't in a long time. The author is now divorced. I went back through her posts to try to figure out what happened. I felt sick about it. At the same time... I wasn't terribly surprised. So sad.

I wonder about those of us that write blogs sometimes. Many times throughout my life I've felt that I think about things other people don't... like I'm somehow different. However, through writing this blog all these years I've learned that others think about the things I do too. I think our differences are in how we express ourselves. I wonder about blogging, facebook and twitter. There are definitely pros and cons to social media. I suppose it is, like with all things, about achieving a balance.

And... procrastination. I may not watch TV but I can't spend some serious time on the computer. LOL! You can quickly connect with some people which gives you the feeling of being engaged in others' lives. Update your status, comment on a few others, maybe chat a for a bit with other people that are online. Makes me think of fast food. You can survive on it but is it healthy?

Balance... what is the balance?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parenting via Text

Double Shot is a Red Shirt on his college football team. For those unfamiliar with the college football world that means that he is part of the team but can only practice this year which will make him eligible to play the next four years... which also means he has 5 years to complete his bachelors degree. Colleges do this so that they can hold on to those kids that they see potential in but want more time to develop in skill and size.

Double Shot is on the Scout Team which is used each week to prepare the starters for games. Every Sunday night they have a meeting and one kid is named Scout Player of the Week. This is the only formal type of recognition Scouts can get and Double Shot has been wanting to be named Scout Player of the Week... BAD. He has been doing really well in practices playing several different positions. There have been a couple weeks where he was sure he was getting it... and didn't.

By the way, Double Shot is getting EXCELLENT grades!!! In fact, he got 101 on one of his midterms.

Anyway, we usually get a call from him on Sunday night to tell us he didn't get Scout Player of the Week. Tonight that call did not come. So I texted him.

Me: Victories that come easy never compare to those truly fought for. Keep doing your best. You are in God's weight training program and the muscle you are building is in your character. It hurts but in the end you will be stronger. You are a great football player but that is just a gift... How does God want you to use it?

Double Shot: Is that a quote?

Me: LOL! No it isn't a quote. It's straight from your Mama's heart. But you can quote me!

Double Shot: haha okay. :) and of course i didn't get it again. and i deserved it again

Me: You are always my Scout Player of the Week!

Double Shot: geee thanks :p haha

Me: And you are the most handsome boy ever!

Double Shot: i have *friend who is playing football for another college* thinking about coming here. i always help my football team and get no glory. i might as well play o line. haha

Me: Sometimes we have to be content just knowing what our place really is. Also, it is often those overlooked that have the most influence. Glory can be a twisted thing that can destroy a person. Don't wish for it.

Me: Let the recognition you seek be your place on the team. Remember you have not been overlooked entirely.

Double Shot: my place is on the field. i know im not full of it. i have been playing really good

Me: Dang. I should like totally write these texts down. I am rockin' the sage Mom advice tonight! You should like totally listen to me!

Double Shot: haha. do it! make a blog of wise mom quotes or something

Me: Double Shot... You are a football player. From even before we let you start playing at ten. YOU WILL TAKE THAT FIELD. Just don't know when...

Double Shot: better be next year. haha i am good enough. it is freaking d2. i could play now.

Me: Oy. Battery dying. LOVE YOU TONS!!

Double Shot: where you at?

Me: Home

Double Shot: plug it in then! haha

Me: Gotta go clean the kitchen. Booper says he misses you and that he hates that Fat Beast Browny that gets to go wherever he wants and gets ginormo blobs of peanut butter.

Double Shot: hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well... I really LOVED my job. I could see myself doing that job until I couldn't work any more. Unfortunately, my contract ended early. I always knew that my job could end at the end of December but it was a bit of a shock to have it end 2 months early and just days after a huge and very successful event (it was not a fundraiser... just a neat outreach to the disability community). One of the sad facts of working for a non-profit ministry is that funding can dry up pretty quick. I am so grateful for the experience, all the wonderful people I met, the really cool relationships that were built with some, and the financial provision over the last ten months.

My mother-in-law's knee replacement surgery went well yesterday.

Oy... there's actually quite a bit going on. But... you know what? God is on His Throne and I am going to put my trust in Him.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Checking In...

How do people that work maintain blogs? I obviously have not figured that out.

These pictures are from my Mountain Man and are from a hike he did last week... Mt. Massive.

I have "crepitus" in my knees and need to have them looked at but am waiting until after a big event I've got this week.

My sweet little Frappy is in Spain for the semester and has a blog if you are interested in learning about the area she is in.

Fly Boy and Chai Tea are living in Florida... very close to Destin. Yes, I am jEaLoUs.

We got snow yesterday but it melted later in the afternoon.

Double Shot is doing well in college. He's on the Scout team which scrimmages with the starters before games. He cracks us up talking about the upper class men that are on the football team with full beards and kids. Being a red shirt is frustrating and he's hoping to take the field on special teams next year.

And he has a girl friend. She's actually here and lives down the street. We've known her family for years and often spend holidays together. Her name on this blog is Sweet Tea. LOL!

Cuppa Joe, Frappy's boyfriend of 3 years, graduated from college in May and has been working in Denver. Now... he's being transferred to Texas for two years and has to leave before Frappy gets back from Spain.

Pumpkin Spice, my mother-in-law who lives with us, left for a couple months to visit relatives in Washington and to take a trip to Hawaii. She got back on Friday and has her best friend from high school coming for a week before she has her other knee replaced on October 24th. She had the first one done in January and then had spinal fusion in April. Her dog, Browny, who is now 13, is still alive and still smelly.

It has been the craziest year!!! We kept thinking things would slow way down in September but they didn't... Whew!

Did I kill my blog? Is anyone out there any more?


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Tuesday...

Mr.Macchiato took this picture last month when he hiked Mt. Huron. I had to stay home and read a bunch of material for the class I took in L.A. later that week.

There is a guy with spina bifida that comes into the office to help me once or twice a month. He came to my open house when I first started the job because he wanted to volunteer. He just turned 20 last week and I really enjoy spending time with him.

This last Sunday I went to a church to observe their special needs section. The people used to go to another church where I had gone before and helped out a few times. It was wonderful to see many of the same faces again.

Afterwards we all went to Culver's for lunch. I took three people with me in my car and my sandal broke as we were leaving the sanctuary. It was so sweet how one of the guy's was very concerned that I was burning my foot on the pavement as we walked to the car. As we walked into the restaurant he held my arm. He likes to dress in combat gear and is pretty high functioning. In fact, he works as a custodian and lives on his own. He told me that no one is allowed to touch his combat boots which he keeps very nice. As he was leaving the restaurant with his ride home he came up to me and told me I could touch one of his boots.

I took the other man that rode with me to the restaurant home. He has Down Syndrome, is high functioning and also lives alone. He informed me that he will be turning 42 later this month and told me about the places he's worked. He was let go from Del Taco because they didn't have enough work for him. He is now trying to get a job at Taco Bell. He told me about his "Honey" and how after 13 years he wants to "break the ice" with her so he went to the mall and bought her a necklace. He very politely shook my hand and thanked me for the ride home and then told me how much he loves to go to church and is glad that he has somewhere to go again.

There were about 35-40 of us in the restaurant. I sat back and observed how others in the restaurant reacted toward our group. It was interesting to me that there were some that were openly annoyed by our presence. There was a family with small children that the parents even appeared to be angry. Most people just looked quickly at the group and then averted their eyes as they found tables for themselves. Some people would look over curiously but then also quickly look away if anyone looked toward them. Then there were some people that were friendly and acknowledged our presence as they walked past.

I think most of us have been raised not to stare at people that are different. I even taught my children that. I don't know though... in a way that training can foster an environment of invisibility. In Africa there is a group of people that greet one another this way, "I see you," and the reply is, "I am here." I think most of us want to be acknowledged on some level. I've been told many times by those with intellectual disabilities that they like me because I am nice to them. So often they move about their lives on the fringe... in the shadows.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello Monday!

I'm eating my lunch at my desk today... and posting on blogger. LOL!

Our weekends are always so jam packed that Mondays are a relief. They are also a clean slate. Today is an especially wonderful Monday because it is the 1st day of the month, making it an extra special "start over" day.

Yes, I started a DIET today. Stop laughing.

I might just stick to it this time. I spent part of the morning in the lair of a skinny 19 year old film school student. I took part in a family retreat for families affected by disability in June and hired him to film one of the days. We are attempting to make a promo video so that we can do it again next year. Many families affected by disability cannot afford to do this sort of thing and scholarships can make that possible. I'm in a good bit of the footage and was... well... inspired to really get serious about getting in shape. Only time will tell how long it will last.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rainbows Make Me Happy!!!

I took these pictures on the way home from work yesterday. It was raining at the same time.

There were a bunch of other people that had pulled over to take pictures too...

Isn't it funny how different people are... yet, how much we are all alike at the same time?

I once heard a woman from Ghana speaking and she said something so profound it stuck with me. She said that a woman's pain is the same in any language. All these years later and I still think about it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today did not go as I planned.

I let myself into my friend's house so I could get Karl up. I sat with him while he ate his breakfast and then waited for him as he got dressed. I was worried I would scare him but he just sat straight up in bed when I lightly tapped his foot, fully alert.

As I was driving Karl to my friend's office we talked about the episode of The Price is Right that we had just watched while he was eating breakfast.

Karl: How is that man going to get everything he won home?

Me: I'm sure they have a truck and will deliver it.

Karl: That man can't get all that stuff home by himself. I bet they have a truck and will deliver it.

Me: Yup

Karl: That's a lot of stuff. He's going to have to pay Uncle Sam 25%.

The conversation was repeated many times with a few variations.

Karl: I'm going to the zoo tomorrow.

Me: You are? What is your favorite animal?

Karl: Giraffe I think. If I see a Gorilla or a rattle snake I'm not going to touch them. They are dangerous. They might bite me.

Me: That's probably a good idea.

I went back to the house with Karl and my friend and there were several shootings last night being covered on the news.

Karl: I had to turn off the TV. People have been shot and killed. It makes me feel sick in my belly. I can't go out after dark. I have to save my skin. It will save my life. I am smart.

He then went to see if he could find something else to watch...

Karl: I had to turn off the TV. It's the Soaps. I don't like that kissy kissy stuff.

My husband and I will be seeing Karl tomorrow night. At his birthday party. He will be 58.

I'm glad that I changed my plans this morning so that I could help my friend. Like the flower in the picture above... Karl is different and... Karl is beautiful.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs...

Guess What?!!? I've got Grandpuppies!!!

This is Gizmo and he is 4 months old. He is a little Shi-Poo... which is a Shih Tzu Poodle mix.

Oy! Blogger is giving me trouble typing text under pictures and I've not the time or the patience to mess with it another minute. LOL!

The next picture is of Maizy and she is a 5 year old Shih Tzu. Like Taffy, she is one of my mom's retired breeders. Chai Tea has been waiting for her for a long time.

Taffy doesn't seem quite happy to have two more little dogs in the house. LOL! Benny LOVES little dogs and is thrilled. Maizy does not like him at all though. Probably because she's afraid he might hurt her. He is a big clumsy thing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Tuesday...

This was taken in Swaziland last year...

Another busy day on tap. I've got a meeting with the local crisis pregnancy center today. Did y'all know that 90% of people are choosing to abort their babies after learning they have Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida? Did you know that people are even choosing to abort babies with correctable defects such as Club Foot and Cleft Palate at alarming rates? Sobering... isn't it?

I'm still having a hard time processing everything from my trip to Africa last year. Throw that in with what I'm doing now and there's a lot going on in my head.

I understand completely why people point to suffering in this world and question the very existence of God and/or the heart of God. I think it is only natural. As I've grappled with these feelings and questions myself I've found myself on a path that is filled with ups, downs, twists, and turns. It is definitely a journey... a journey, I am finding more and more, toward HOPE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Times, They are a Changing...

I am up much too early this Monday morning... Mr. Macchiato took the day off to go hike another 14'er with a friend from church and I couldn't go back to sleep after he left. My mind clicked on and that was it.

Our family has been going through so many changes... I got my voice back in February of 2010, my mother-in-law moved in with us last summer, I went to Africa last September, our oldest daughter got married last December, I went to work after 22 years as a stay at home mom in January, and our youngest child graduated from high school in May. Throughout all this my mother-in-law has had knee replacement and spinal fusion in the midst of the craziness of our son's senior sports schedule with his playing football and qualifying for the state championships in wrestling. Whew!

Things are about to slow down...

Our son-in-law's training is coming to an end and he's been stationed in Florida. Chai Tea has been visiting my Mom in Washington for the summer and will be coming home tomorrow for about two weeks before she moves to Florida.


Frappy, now a senior in college, will be studying abroad in Spain for the fall semester. She took a class this summer up at school but will be home the second week of August for a couple weeks before she leaves for Spain.

Double Shot is leaving in two weeks for college. He has football camp before classes begin.

My mother-in-law went to Washington last week and will be there for two months visiting ending with a trip to Hawaii. When she gets back home she'll be scheduling the knee replacement for her other knee.

September is going to be very quiet with just Mr. Macchiato and I...

I've been waiting for this time with great anticipation. However, realizing Double Shot is leaving in two weeks this morning...



Am I really ready for this?

I'm feeling a sense of panic beginning to rise...

Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Do

This is the graveyard of wheelchairs right outside of my office, LOL!

I plan events to reach out to the disability community, help churches develop disability ministry, and am working on a disability ministry network.

I've got an event tomorrow so I've got a lot to do today. If I'm really going to step back into blogging I figure I just have to get back into that habit... even if it means a short post like this. LOL!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Crazy Life

My goodness, I've not been on blogger in so long that I can't figure out how to get the program to let me put text under each picture. And I don't have the patience to figure it out, LOL!

The top pictures are on a hike in Colorado. I haven't gotten to do many of those lately. The incredible sunset was taken in the parking lot of the restaurant we celebrated our 25th Anniversary of our first date. Yes, we celebrate that anniversary, LOL! The next day I left for California on a business trip. The last picture is the sunset in Denver as we were leaving the airport after Mr. Macchiato picked me up... after we waited in line for 45 minutes to report my lost luggage.

I love my job. LOVE IT!!!

My life over the last year has mirrored a sitcom similar to Everybody Loves Raymond or King of Queens. It's definitely an adventure here at Casa de Cafe'.

I'm attempting to get back into blogging... and going to the gym.

I make myself laugh!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Devastation Across the South...

As I was looking through the news reports online this morning my heart was breaking for all those across the south affected by the tornadoes yesterday. So many have lost so much and yet the sun is shining brightly here in Colorado Springs and we are going about our normal routine.

This picture hit me hard. These men praying... I can't find the words. It is a beautiful thing to know that there are those right there in the midst that are seeking God. No doubt their hands and feet are busy today as they meet the practical needs around them.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

"I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness. And if any one hears My words and does not believe, I do not judge him, for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world."

John 12:46-47

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Monday!!!

My Mama e-mailed me and asked me to please post something to get rid of that awful spider! LOL!
I have been busy busy to say the least! I LOVE MY JOB!
I am going to get back to blogging on a regular schedule.
No, really. I am.
I've got a plan!
However, it's going to be another week or so before I can implement that plan.
Double Shot is going to state for wrestling!!! Woot Woot!!!
That happens later this week and then we will be SPORTS FREE for the first time in years and years... and YEARS! All of his sports have overlapped. Since he signed on to play college football, he decided to give up his last season of high school baseball to concentrate on conditioning and, hopefully, getting bigger.
And today is Valentine's Day... which also happens to be our first baby's birthday!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Things here have been HECTIC to say the least...
That there is a female Hobo spider. Poor Booper had been sick for days with a swollen face before Double Shot and I took him to the vet on Sunday after I got back from taking Mr. Macchiato to the Urgent Care. On Thursday night we thought he'd been bitten by Browny because his face was swollen and he was bleeding on his upper lip. My mother-in-law said he hadn't but that she thought he'd gotten his face stuck in the fence barking and snarling at the neighbor dog. He also had an ear infection that I cleaned out and treated that night. Then Friday morning he started vomiting... all over our carpet in our bedroom. He seemed okay Friday day and evening and I fed him regular food on Saturday. We were gone all day at a wrestling tournament and there was no evidence he'd been sick when we got home. Sunday morning the vomiting began again in an alarming amount and while the swelling had gone down in his cheek his eyes had become swollen. After running many expensive tests the vet said it almost looked like a spider bite from the inside of his lip...
Thursday morning Benny was having a fit in the kitchen and when I went to see what was going on he had chased a large spider up the wall. I killed it and threw it away and never gave it another thought. That picture is exactly what the spider looked like. Benny got several shots and is now doing much better.
Our wallets are empty. Holey Moley. $613. 86 for the vet and $60.00 for the co-pay at the Urgent Care. Mr. Macchiato most likely had an attack of gastritis. Fortunately, after 4 hours it just stopped.
We are trying to adjust to my working in the midst of my mother-in-law's surgery/recovery and wrestling season... right on the heels of the Holidays and Jessica getting married during which I was really sick with bronchitis. My Christmas stuff is still piled on the ping pong table in the basement.
Things should be settling down soon. My mother-in-law is improving and getting around much better than before (which isn't saying much at this point... but she'll get there). Wrestling will be over February 19th and Double Shot is not going to play baseball because he wants to focus on conditioning for football. National Football Signing Day for colleges is tomorrow. Yay!
We, like much of the country, have got some wicked winter weather. Actually, it is quite beautiful here right now with the sun shining brightly. We got some snow yesterday but the real story here is the temperatures. We will only have a high of -1 degree today with wind chills -25 to -35 degrees. Obviously, I don't know how to do the little degree sign on the computer. LOL! Double Shot's school is closed and the building my office is located in is closed. I'm doing some stuff from home and will try to get to that Christmas stuff... bathrooms and laundry first though.
I am LOVING my job! There is so much I am learning. Today will be a month end report and expense invoice. I am so glad I am married to an accountant! I'll be having him check things for me. The absolute best part of my job is all the people I come in contact with!
Please keep JoJo in your prayers as she's going through cancer treatment. Also, our pastor's 32 year old daughter with down syndrome is having her fourth open heart surgery today. She is an absolute joy to all who know her!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011




Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working Girl

See that there sign?!?!? The Coffee Bean! Of Course, I thought that was really cool!

My trip to California was short, jam packed and wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pictures. This is the best one I got of the ocean. Seriously. I did see it and smell it!

The only dog hair I experienced last weekend was brought there by me... and quickly disposed of once discovered! My bed was heaven with clouds for pillows!

The hotel was beautiful.

I can assure you there are NO flowers blooming outside during January in Colorado!
My mother-in-law is progressing slowly. She still is not feeling well much of the time. Home healthcare professionals have been coming to the house to check on her and for physical therapy.
Today was my first day in the office all day. I was surprised by how quickly the time went. I ran home at lunch to check on my mother-in-law, let the dogs out, switch out laundry, and to vacuum and mop the main floor. Oy!
This is definitely going to be an adjustment...

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Job

Last summer I received an e-mail from a lady at our church forwarding information on a job she thought I might like to apply for. I was very interested and I did. In fact, I've never wanted another job as bad as I wanted that one. I was a finalist for the position but in the end the contract was offered to another.

During the time I was going through the interview process with that job I got a call from my friend, Elysa, asking me what it would take for me to join them on their trip to Africa in September. I told her it would take a miracle and that I actually hoped to be working. As y'all know, it was just days after I learned I didn't get that job that she called asking me if I believed in miracles and I did go to Africa with them. Had I gotten the job that trip would not have happened.

When I got home from Africa we were so busy that my job search was scaled back quite a bit. The fact is there just aren't many jobs here in Colorado Springs right now and between my mother-in-law moving in, Double Shot's sports schedule, the Holidays and Chai Tea's wedding... I thought it would be better to wait until after Christmas anyway.

Well, I got an e-mail from the building manager where the office for that job is located letting me know that it had opened back up. I e-mailed the guy in California that had interviewed me and the ball was set in motion.

Prayer... sometimes the answer is Yes... sometimes the answer is No... sometimes the answer is Wait.

I am technically an Independent Contractor and not an employee of this organization. I've signed a one year contract to act as their Project Coordinator in Colorado Springs. It is a job that holds deep meaning for me and I am so excited to be able to do it! Unfortunately, I need to be vague about it on the blog.

And guess what? I'm going on a business trip in a couple days. I am really excited about it!

My mother-in-law's knee replacement surgery went well today. She can't come home until she can walk stairs and once she's here home health care professionals will come each day to check on her and do physical therapy. She could come home before I leave or be in a rehab facility until I get back. It all depends on how fast she heals and gains mobility.

Needless to say, things are really hopping busy around here... still. Oy!

Friday, January 7, 2011



Oh my goodness...

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me throughout my job search!

Do I ever have an amazing story to tell you!


Running crazy today...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh My Aching Back...

I'm grumpy.
The Glad Game isn't getting it for me.
My back has been bothering me. I've been to the chiropractor and that helped but... not for long. I can't go there every other day!!!
I'm not supposed to take Ibuprofen but I have been. Sorry kidneys.
I'm waiting to hear about that job. I was notified that I am, once again, a finalist for the position. Sigh...
My house is so dirty I can't stand it. I had the time alone to clean yesterday but between my back and checking my e-mail every 10 minutes I didn't get far. In order for the house to be clean I have to be cleaning it without ceasing... and I could never leave. It is very frustrating and the dogs... Good Lord. We live in a BARN. There is dog hair everywhere... and dog footprints... and dog slobber... and I'm the only one that wipes their feet correctly when they come in from the backyard. I hate it when I go somewhere only to look down and see gobs of dog hair all over me. I seriously need to vacuum at least once a day, only I don't.
Pulling my hair out.
Screaming silent screams.
The Glad Game...
I am glad I live in a materialistic world where I've accumulated so much crap that I can't keep it straight and I'm glad my animals live more comfortably than millions of children all over the world.
Pass the Prozac.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Glad Game

Let's play the Glad Game!

I'm glad that while my bumper was crumpled yesterday, the truck I backed into sustained no damage whatsoever.
I am glad that after surveying the damage and backing out a second time, the car next to me also was not damaged as I smeared paint from my front bumper along its dirt encrusted side.
I am glad that on my third, and last, attempt backing out of that spot that the pedestrian that just decided to walk right between the car next to me and my front bumper was not injured.
I am glad that my husband, son and the entire west side of Applebees was able to witness said event.

My front bumper.

My back bumper.
My car is in the shop this morning. We immediately got two estimates after this happened and are more than happy to go with the quote for just under $500. How two estimates can be so far apart in price amazes me.
I really am glad I did not damage the other cars. OY!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sun Has Set on 2010

Happy First Monday morning of 2011!!!
Are you excited about what this new year may bring you?
I am blown away as I look back over 2010 in my life. It was in February that I was able to speak clearly again after a 5 year long struggle with Spasmodic Dysphonia. I am still so very thankful for this blessing and all the freedom that it has brought me!
I am so grateful for our family, friends and church! We have wonderful people surrounding us!
My trip to Africa... I did not see that coming and am still trying to wrap my mind around all of it.
We have a new family member in the form of a son-in-law... who we LOVE.
My mother-in-law made it through 2010 without injury and is having her knee replacement surgery one week from today.
2010 was an incredible year for our family! I am very much looking forward to what 2011 has in store!