Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well, Well, Well...

Chai Tea used to go around saying Well, Well, Well... when she was around 3 years old. She got it from her Grandpa and it was so funny to watch her walk around with her hands on her hips saying that.
WeLL, wEll, Well... Guess WHO is a morning person?!?!?! My in 8 days son-in-law FLY BOY!!! He is sleeping in Chai Tea's room while she is locked in the basement until they are married next week. I came downstairs this morning to find him wide awake. Chai Tea was also up and chatty but... hE He hO Ho he... that is an aberration. She's just excited he's here right now. That girl wasn't even a morning person as a baby. I would stand at the end of her crib and jiggle it in the mornings trying to get her to wake up. I couldn't believe I got the baby with the internal alarm clock of 10 am.
There is justice in this world.
Mr. Macchiato and I took the excited couple out to breakfast at Village Inn.
There's an app on facebook today on what your top words used in your status updates for 2010 were. I, of course, was curious.
1. Morning
2. Oy
3. Need
4. Happy
6. Boy
7. Don't
9. Friends
10. Titans
Morning is my #1 word?!?!? Hilarious!
Mornings are good. All you morning haters need to get with it and see the light! It is called the Sun. God turns it on every day when it is time to get up.
For the next 8 days I am no longer alone in this house of morning haters. Awesome.


Pearl said...

Morning's are good! So was this post!

Over from Flea...


Oklahoma Granny said...

With all the excitement of a wedding AND Christmas - why would anyone stay in bed?

claudia said...

I love mornings! I am up at the crack of 5AM even on my days off. Love. Love. Love. Mornings!

Melody said...

LOL! Happy for you. Now I'm going back to sleep. kidding :)