Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to Brown Town

Coffee Bean stuck this hat on me. She wanted a picture of all us dogs in front of the Christmas Tree in ridiculous get ups. We are dogs. We always have on clothes in the form of FUR. Well, I don't play games. I ditched that stupid hat right in front of the tree and she never got it back on me. I've still got some moves left. Do you know she calls me "The Walrus"?

Oh yeah. This is as good as it got and it is blurry.
Take that Coffee Bean! By the way, 4 pairs of panties and untold numbers of socks. I'm good. I can open her bedroom door. You'd think she'd learn and keep her laundry up off of the floor.

Really. Do I look like a Walrus to you? Where's the respect? And what is with saying I stink all the time? I smell mighty fine! Let's talk about Febreeze... that stuff STINKS! I produce my own form of Grecian formula that keeps my coat shiny and leaves the hands of those that pet me with a film that smells of toe jam and swass (swamp + ...). It is AWESOME!!!
I ask you, where is the LOVE?!?!

I am 12 years old. That is 84 in dog years. Coffee Bean should bring me treats every two hours just because I am still alive.

Right now would be nice.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I've gotta side with the canine on this one - I can't stand the smell of Febreeze in any of their various scents.

Laura~peach~ said...

good greif he is adorable!!!!!!!! give the man a treat already!

my word verification... ESTUD LOLOLOLOL

Karen Deborah said...

so cute. you read their minds exactly. so did you give him the treat?