Monday, December 27, 2010

We Survived...

Wow. That was one crazy week for our family! It turns out I had bronchitis with double ear infections. Not good! I was pretty sick for a couple days but the doctor put me on some pretty strong medication and we were able to get what we needed to done. All of our Christmas shopping was done on Christmas Eve. Yikes!

Browny... up to his usual tricks!

Fly Boy's mother is Thai (his father is American) so he and Chai Tea made a huge spread one night. Unfortunately, I was upstairs in bed and didn't get to enjoy it with the family. What I did have was wonderful!

These are called, "Son-in-law eggs".


I didn't do my usual baking but we got so much delivered...
That was a good thing.

I had hoped the bronchitis would counteract my cookie consumption...

Chai Tea and Fly Boy got married on December 23rd... on the day that would have been Mr. Macchiato's Grandma's 100th birthday. She went to be with the Lord last year just two months shy of her 99th birthday. Chai Tea picked that day to get married for that reason. It was a stunning morning with all the trees encased in white framed by the beautiful Colorado blue skies.

In keeping with tradition in our family... the day included some sit com style drama. Fly Boy's family is from Biloxi, Mississippi, and we had not met them. They drove 22 hours straight and did not get in until the day before. We invited them to come to the house before we all left for the courthouse (Chai Tea and Fly Boy wanted a civil ceremony) so we could talk a bit and take pictures.
Our house was a wreck. By Colorado standards it is a small home and bursting at the seams with people, pets and stuff. Add to that Christmas decorations that include a large tree and... oy. I thought we'd have time to get everything cleaned up. It was just too crazy. When they arrived I was just out of the shower and had to do my make-up, hair and get dressed. Then as I was dressing I noticed that my lace cover up had a stain on it... I was horrified. I didn't have any other suitable options so I stood staring at myself in the mirror like a deer caught in headlights. It already looked like I snatched it off of one of my grandma's tables... the stain along with my clodhopper shoes that were too big just completed the picture. What could I do? I schlepped downstairs.
Our living room and dining room was wall to wall people and I found it very uncomfortable. I tried my best to be as welcoming as I could. I felt enormous next to his family. I rarely wear shoes with any kind of heel on them and when I do I have trouble walking graciously. Shoot... I never walk graciously anyway. I'm a 5'11" giant. Fly Boy's mom has got to be barely 5 ft tall. Fly Boy is taller than Chai Tea and she's 5'6 1/2" (jokingly referred to as the short one in our family) but he's the tallest in his family by far. I couldn't help but wonder what they would think of my little brother who is nearly 7 ft tall.
We got through the small talk, shoved a couch up against the dining room chairs so we could try to take pictures in front of the tree, and then left in a four vehicle caravan for the courthouse with Chai Tea and Fly Boy in the lead. I questioned what she was doing when she didn't take the turn I would have but there are more than one way to get places so I wasn't too concerned. That is, until she didn't take the next four or five options and we ended up on the freeway. We would still be able to get where we were going in a long, round about way... until she missed that exit. His parents, in possession of a GPS, whipped around in front of them and took the lead.
I thought all was good until they all passed the courthouse. I then whipped around in front of everyone and lead the way. We were cutting it close so we hurriedly dumped our change into the meters and ran into the courthouse where we were informed by a security guard that we were at the wrong courthouse. Chai Tea was none to happy with me right about then. He gave us directions and we all ran back to our cars to rush to the other courthouse. Chai Tea and Fly Boy were once again in the lead but she went to turn on the wrong street. I drove up alongside her honking my horn and yelling we had to go straight and turn on another street. She didn't believe me and there was shouting back and forth and then, once the light turned green, she gunned her car and drove all crazy to get in front of me.
Once again we all hopped out of our cars, shoved change into meters and ran up the courthouse steps... to the wrong entrance. We then had to run around the building to the entrance and were brought up short by the airport like security complete with trays to put all your belongings in. Chai Tea had a knife in her purse that apparently she carries for protection that we had absolutely no knowledge of. Double Shot was given the job of running it back out to her car. The bride and groom along with his parents made it through security and ran to find the judges chambers while the rest of us waited for Double Shot to get through.
Once we were all up on the 5th floor we ran into the rest of our party now running back the other way. When the judge's secretary saw how many of us there were she had the couple go into his chambers and quickly took the rest of us into the courtroom where we all took seats in the jury box. We all had a few minutes to joke around about the craziness before they came in for the ceremony.
I had never attended a civil ceremony before. It was a bit surreal and I felt like it all went too fast. The judge was wonderful and the words they chose were not all that different from a church wedding. And then I sat there, in a jury box, the mother of a married child...
The kids' appointment with the judge was originally for 5 pm and we planned to go straight from the courthouse to the reception which started at 6 pm. They decided to close the courthouse early that day for the Holidays and moved their time up to 2 pm which threw a monkey wrench into things. I had planned on taking Frappy with me to decorate the banquet room at the Italian restaurant we had the small reception at in the morning. With the time change we decided to take care of that after the ceremony so we left with the friend who was taking pictures for us to go do that while the kids went to check into their hotel and the rest found something else to do for a couple hours.
The Reception went off without a hitch and we were very happy with the time spent with family, friends, and good food.

The Boquet...

The Reception...

The Cake...


Flea said...

Oh wow. So how many more times do you have to do this? ;)

noexcuses said...

What a crazy day! I hope the meds worked well on you! They make a lovely couple (I saw your pics on another site.) Congrats to you for pulling off a wonderful day!

Andy said...

CB, do you ever have what one would term a "normal, calm day?"

Just curious...

Oklahoma Granny said...

It was a memorable day for many, many reasons. The reception tables and cake were so pretty! I've been really busy the past several days and am just catching up on blog reading. I hope you're feeling much better by now.

Melody said...

You survived! Yay!

It was sweet that they chose their wedding day so carefully, but oh my goodness I bet it was stressful to have it right before Christmas!

Everything looked like it was beautiful! Congratulations to all!!

Elysa said...

Loved reading all the details but was evidence of why I laughed a few months ago when their wedding was predicted to be "stress free" because it was small, "simple", and "civil"! HA!

I know AND love you guys!!!!!!!!!


Crazee Teacher Lady said...

I thought a civil service was meant to keep things simple!? HA! I know, nothing is ever as simple as you want it to be. Congrats on the memorable day.

Deborah said...

So funny! Sitting in the jury box...did you feel like giving a verdict?!
I can't imagine pulling together a wedding at Christmas wonder you were sick. It all looks lovely, you super woman!
Happy New Year!