Friday, December 10, 2010


He dropped his money... and was quite upset about it.
I wonder how I would feel if someone took a picture of me in one of my worst moments and posted it on their blog... None to happy I expect. That's why I make sure that when I do posts like this that the person is unidentifiable. That makes it better, right?
Probably not...
I need to clean. And do laundry. And bake cookies.
And... stop eating.
And... get back to exercising.
But... it is the Holidays.


Flea said...

Happy holidays ... dang it! Now that song's stuck in my head. I need to do all of the same things.

Trisha said...

I just caught up on your blogs that I missed while being out on observations . . . you make me laugh so hard. Taking pictures of poor people crawling on the ground to recover lost money! Hee-hee!

Dusty Mommah said...

Good thing God doesn't blog -- I'd be in a heap of trouble, just from the comments of His blog followers alone.

There's a sermon in there somewhere...

I heard somewhere that during the holidays, there's an enzyme, triggered by repeated states of hopeful anticipation, that the body produces which breaks down all calorie intake in half. Unfortunately, the same enzyme causes one's brain to process visual intake and adds 10-20 pounds on certain humans, thereby giving the perception of weight gain.

I just made that up, but it sounds good and I'm going to pass the rumor around.

Merry Christmas Preparations.