Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mama doesn't know what to blog about today.
No post yesterday because she was gRuMpY.
Call up Mr. Macchiato and push ALL his BIG RED BUTTONS gRuMpY.
She was fine after he went nUcLeAr.
Sometimes... Ya just gotta have some company in cRaZy ToWn.
All is good today.

She found these pictures from 2008 while looking for a picture she once took of a guy that was crawling around on the ground at the drive-thru ATM trying to retrieve all the money he dropped.
He was using swear words in nEw and uniQue comBinations that she remembers and laughs about to this day.
Yes, she took a picture of him.
She is BAD like that.

There are pictures of her and Mr. Macchiato in this album where they both double as BEACHED WHALES.
Mr. Macchiato lost all his weight.
She's got a waaaaaay to go.
He goes to the gym regularly.
She does NOT.
She has a list of eXcuses 4.8 miles long.
No really.

She could get off the computer and take me for a walk...
yes! Yes! YES!
A walk! A walk!

Pretty Please?!?!

Excuse #17: She has stuff to do... like laundry, and cleaning and Christmas stuff. Looks a heck of a lot more like blogging and facebook to me!


Deborah said...

hehehe....thanks for sharing her secrets with us Booper!

Tea with Tiffany said...

get busy, no more booper blogs. LOL

Love and hugs.

Kathy said...

LOL Well it IS important to keep your loyal readers laughing.

Linda said...

Awww...sweet Booper! He looks just like my Libby! They are both SO misunderstood. Great post!

Crazee Teacher Lady said...

I think I have a longer list of excuses than you do, but the top one is "I will start eating right and exercising AFTER I get my degree." My Snuggles and Black Dog look at me the same excitement as Booper, when they here the word w-a-l-k.

claudia said...

This was a great post!

Frappy said...

Thanks for providing me with another twenty minutes of procrastination measures... Procrastination todameer!

And tell Benny not to worry, I'll take him on some walks when I get home for christmas :D