Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Piles of PUPPIES!!!

We sent Taffy back to my Mom's earlier this year so she could have a litter of puppies. My Mom and Step Dad are dog breeders. We did worry about the effect it would have on Benny given he lost his mind the day LuLu died... but thought we'd be able to get him through it. He did okay... until Double Shot and I went to my Mom's for 11 days in June. He hasn't been the same since.

We got to see Taffy and her puppies. She was looking a bit haggard... We Moms know all about that!

These are some of the older puppies my Mom had while we were there. Oh my, were they ever FUN to watch! They were just about ready to go to their new homes.

Taffy's puppies opened their eyes while we were there. They were so cute!

This one actually put her little head back and did a baby puppy howl. I about died on the spot!

This is Trixie. She is a Brussels Griffon and just the sweetest thing... So ya know, Taffy is a bit of spoiled Princess. Read, BRAT. But I am absolutely crazy about her. LOL!

This is Ginger. She is also a Griff and the daughter of Trixie. Double Shot LOVED her! She LOVED him too!

This is Midge. She is super tiny!!! I don't think she even weighs 4 lbs. She kind of reminds me of some muppet type thing. She is hysterical. She is also full grown and has had puppies of her own. Actually, I seem to remember she just had one puppy...

It is so funny to watch how these dogs all follow after my Mom. She's like the Pied Piper of Shih Tzu's... well, and Griffs... and Bull Dogs. LOL!

This is Scooter. He is standing on his back legs. Oh my goodness is he ever cute! He's also Taffy's Baby Daddy.

This is Lily and Thor. They also have another girl, Pickles. She was in another building caring for her 9 puppies. I wish I had a video of Pickles. If you point your finger like a gun at her and say, "Bang!" she runs around in a couple circles and then flops on her back and wiggles all her legs in the air.

Oh my goodness... MANGO!!! I was so tempted to take this dog home! What a personality! WOW!!! I think some people in California have him. My Mom decided not to keep him as a stud. I think he was 5 or 6 months old here.

This is Scarlett O'Hairy. We fell in LOVE with her!!! What a SWEETIE!!! She is my Mom's biggest Shih Tzu and quite a heifer. LOL!

I cannot remember this guy's name for the life of me. It is making me crazy!!! He is a Griff. Why. Can't. I. Remember. His. Name.??? ARUGH!!! RUSTY!!!

Bull Dog Puppies!!! Oh my, were these ever cute!!! I had so much fun with my Mom taking pictures of them for her website.

Things have been rough for Booper. Our vet says he's co-dependant and the type of dog that needs to have another dog around. My mother-in-law moved in this summer with Browny and that helped some. Browny is the equivalent of a walrus with fur though and doesn't really pay attention to Benny. To be fair, he is 12 years old and so obese he can't move around much.
My mother-in-law left for five weeks and won't be back until after Thanksgiving. She went to Hawaii with Mr. Macchiato's sister and her husband and is now spending time in Seattle. Our other sister-in-law is going through radiation for breast cancer. They caught it early and were able to get everything, Thank God!!!
Benny was okay the first week or so after they left. Then the weird behavior started. Even though he was, by far, the easiest dog I've ever potty trained, he's always had an issue with submissive peeing whenever men or big boys he doesn't know come around. He's also very sensitive and can sense if you are unhappy with him which will set it off as well. Essentially, he's the biggest pansy dog ever.
This dog does NOT like to be alone. When he gets upset he refuses to pee which makes it hard for him to hold it where the submissive thing comes in. Then he gets to where he won't go outside and if you trick him outside he won't move from the back door. If you leave him longer than he can stand he starts crying and throwing himself against the door. He's on anti-anxiety meds but I have to trick him to get it down his gullet. This is getting harder and harder to do... I even hide the pill inside half a peanut butter sandwich and he'll still spit the part out with the pill. I can't grab him and shove it in his mouth because he'll pee on me. And I have to take him on these crazy long walks to get him to empty his bladder... AND he has to be let off leash, which is against the rules in these parts so I have to go where no one else is to get him to go.
Every time he has to be left alone it is like taking steps backward. Mr. Macchiato has no patience for this sort of thing and that adds to my stress. OY!!!
Anyway, we'd been planning on getting Taffy back and just hadn't been able to work it out until now. MOM TO THE RESCUE!!! My Mom is flying in with her tomorrow. I am so excited!!! I've missed her and I can't wait to see how the dogs react to one another! Benny will be OUT OF HIS MIND HAPPY!!! Taffy will probably be stand offish and not like his exuberance at first but it'll settle down in a day or two. That is what I'm expecting given how they've been together in the past... but it could go down differently. I sure hope Taffy will be happy to be back.
I am praying our much loved Booper returns.


Elysa said...

WOW! I can only imagine the interesting blog post THIS reunion will result in! LOL!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

booper is adorable... and unreal to think he has to take meds...never met a dog like that.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Bless Boopers heart! I hope Taffy's return is his ticket back to being happy. I know what you mean about giving dogs medication. Our Smoke can smell medication a mile away. No matter what we hide his pills in (he has hip dysplasia) he knows! The vet even gave us one kind that was supposed to taste like dog treats. Ummm - NO!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, they are just too adorable. You look SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome in that pic girl..you sexy thing you!!

I would have a hard time picking which pup I would want to take home...I do hope Taffy will be a comfort to your other dog's hearts..poor little, I mean big peanut...

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my gosh! The cuteness overload! I have to say--if it weren't for the "house-training thing"--a puppy would be in my lap right now. Instead--there's a kitty that I'm not sure I should have adopted, but she's firmly entrenched now!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay I'm stressed and I'm not even there! My mind is on Benny so can't think about the pups right now, tho they are cute...but I just love the look of Benny! What a sweetie!! Hug him for me
hugs to all