Monday, November 15, 2010

My Not So Grand Adventure...

This morning I was out the door by 8 am and headed up toward Denver for my vocal chord injections. I called Mr. Macchiato as I got onto I25 North because the sky looked rather ominous in that direction. It was nice here in Colorado Springs. He told me there was snow falling up north. Great.
By the time I hit Monument Hill there was very poor visibility and the roads were icy. I passed an accident where two vehicles had gone off the road into a ditch, then I passed a vehicle stopped and facing the wrong direction, and then we all hit ice and I braced myself to hit the car in front of me as I saw a vehicle 3 cars ahead spin around and face back our direction. When I didn't hit that car, I braced myself to be hit from behind as I saw those cars swerving as they struggled to stop as well. The car up front got turned back around and we all slowly resumed traveling forward. We then passed a truck turned over on its roof and then the traffic came to a standstill. I was pretty shaken and called Mr. Macchiato. I told him I was going to turn around and go home...

That didn't happen. I ended up sitting there in that same spot for over three hours.

There was a nearly 40 car pile up ahead (including 4 big rigs) and 12 people had to be taken to the hospital. They had us move over as far as we could to make a lane in the center for emergency vehicles to go back and forth.

I had nothing in the car with me... nothing to drink. Nothing to eat. Nothing to read. Nothing to write on. AND my cell phone would only work here and there. I couldn't understand that because I had signal bars. Some calls would go through and some texts... and then the rest wouldn't.

You can see an ambulance coming in my rear view mirror.

I never got a picture of them driving back the other way because they snuck up on me.

You can't see in this picture but I could see it from where I was... the big mess was right at the end of where the road is in this picture. I could see all the lights.

This is me making a should I brave the cold and go pee in the trees like everyone else face. No. I did not. Almost though.

It was too cold for that!

Nice. It was longer by the time I actually moved.

Not great but the price you pay for 4 wheel drive.

I was bored.

Really bored.

I wished I had a nail file.

I found some super old food in my glove box. I ate it. Then wished I hadn't because it was spicy and I didn't have anything to drink. I hadn't had breakfast.

I took pictures of the people desperate enough to exit their cars to go potty in the woods. I tried to edit those pictures but they don't really show up this size... I think if you click on the pictures they go bigger and you can see what I wrote that way.

I really needed to go to but was afraid there was some weird blogger in his/her car that would take a picture of me and then post it on their blog.

This guy's outfit cracked me up. Really?!?!? Wow.

Headed for the trees...

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!


Good thing I DID have a blanket. I had to keep my car turned off as much as possible because I was about to run out of gas.

This guy's battery ran out and he had to ask the guy in front of me for a jump.

He really lucked out because the guy actually had cables in the back of his car. I don't!!!

Jumpity Jump Jump!!!

Two headed for the trees... What was hysterical is that one of them was carrying a serious wad of napkins.

Finally, after hours and hours... movement. Very slow movement. 20 feet at a time.

I didn't get a picture but there was quite a bit of serious debris along the road on both sides.

One of the semi's involved...

By this time there was no longer a need for snow plows.

The Larkspur Exit where they moved the vehicles off to. There were a ton more on the other side of the freeway as well.

These cars aren't in bad shape. There were some completely demolished. Disturbingly so.

I ate lunch by myself at Applebee's in Castle Rock. A quite expensive lunch, I might add. Oy. Then I got gas, some Excedrin Migraine (when I almost wrecked it gave me an instant headache that would not let up even after I ate and had coffee) and decided to take the scenic route home by way of 86 East to 83 South.

The scenery was spectacular!

The weather changes so quickly here in Colorado.

I was alone on the road much of the way home.

The sun shining through my sun roof...
So. I have to go to Denver tomorrow now for my doctor's appointment. Oy. Thankfully, there were no fatalities today, although there were some serious injuries. Tomorrow's drive should be uneventful. I hope so at any rate.


Chris H said...

You certainly had an eventful day mate! Lucky for having the blanket. Perhaps you should have food and drink stored in your car for these sort of happenings!

Melody said...

I agree with Chris... better take some water and snacks, just in case! I'm so glad that you were ok. Good luck tomorrow :)

Deborah Bolack said...

Wow! Good to hear you weren't involved!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thought about you all day... was astounded when mike was channel surfing and came upon the wreckage...told him my friend was stuck inthat mess and thankfully was not hurt...
love n hugs
oh and we see now why i am so anal about keeping a full tank of gas especially when on the road...:)and a cooler lol.. which is not in the van right now.

Andy said...

CB, I read this last night, and honestly laughed out loud! I mean, there's nothing funny about a pile-up, or being in a traffic jam, but I couldn't help myself.

Good work!

claudia said...

I heard about that pile up on the news last night. So glad that all you had to do was sit and wait. (I know, that sounds weird, but I'm thinking it's good you weren't in the middle of the pile up) I guess that is a good reason to carry food and water with us at all times.

Paula said...

Okay, I LOVE this post! It's nice to see your pretty face and thank for bringing a smile to mine. After reading my post, you know I needed one. Now go stock that car with an extra blanket, some food and water, in case it happens again :)

Trisha said...

Even your boredom is interesting! Sorry you had to go all that way and not get the Botox shot. Hopefully you will get it on the next trip and everything will be fine!

Elysa said...

Maybe it was a good thing you DIDN'T have a drink in the car!

You really already have enough of THOSE kind of interesting stories. ;D

Kathy said...

Only you can make a traffic pile-up hilarious! I am glad you had your camera along for our entertainment. I love Colorado, it is a beautiful state. I am craving a visit after seeing your pictures (your return trip). I have a winter survival box that goes in my vehicle and stays there full time until spring. Has been needed every year here in the mountains so far. I'll need to include t.p. ......

Kathy said...

P.S. I am sure thankful that you were not hit or hurt!

Karen Deborah said...

You never do have an ordinary day do you. I am glad you have had a lot of practice holding back pee. That way we can laugh at the other guys. Actually it must have been a terrible mess to stop traffic for that long.
Glad you found something to do, and the pics are lovely.

Oklahoma Granny said...

You are one brave lady. I don't think I'd even attempt a trip like that by myself in good weather.

Anonymous said...

Uffda, that looks like a long, horrible wait. But at least you were in good enough humor to think it would make a good blog post! :)

Julia said...

It's not funny that those people were in that accident and were injured, but I did have to laugh at your take on the entire thing! There is NOTHING like having no food, drink, toilet, or something to so to make you miserabl! Glad that you came through okay. :)