Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday... Right???

Blogger is frustrating me this morning... It won't let me move the order of the pictures. I give up!~

Mr. Macchiato took me out for a super fancy dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary. We had a wonderful time and everything about it was just perfect! We don't go on dates like that very often so we really enjoyed ourselves.

This morning I was surprised by this glorious sunrise as I let the dogs out. I knew it would pass quickly so I grabbed my camera and ran out into the street barefoot and in my pajamas. Hey, you do what ya gotta do!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

I never get tired of the sky here... never.

I had elk steak last night. It was aMaZiNg!

Mr. Macchiato had antelope. It was also iNcReDiBlE.


This was an amaretto chocolate cake that was more like a brownie.

It was YUM!!!

I normally do our grocery shopping on Friday mornings but since we've been taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class I've been trying to be smarter about my shopping habits. I didn't have time to go through coupons and store flyers yesterday so I've decided to wait. I've already got most of our Thanksgiving shopping done anyway. The week before last I spent $177 on groceries with a savings total of $115.46 through store promos and $37 in manufacture coupons. Yes, I am proud of myself. Last week my Mom was here so I didn't have the time really map things out and did the bulk of my shopping at Wal-Mart. I still saved over $15 with manufacture coupons but my experience at the check out was one of the reasons I stopped using coupons years ago. I had everything organized and it should have gone quickly... Oy. Some checkers just do not do well with anything other than simply scanning stuff.
I don't know if I'm ever going to get a job. It is really depressing. I couldn't even get an interview to be one of those people that hands out snacks at Costco. To apply I had to take an IQ test online. Seriously. And I didn't get an interview. I took that like a punch in the gut.
I had an interview a several weeks back and talked to the guy earlier this week. That may yet pan out but we'll see.
Dave Ramsey is having giveaways every day for the next 20 or so more days. Today's giveaway is just for desk calendars but the other day was for $2,000 cash... and another day he had 10 video cameras. You have to enter each day for each giveaway. We've been learning a lot through this course (some of it makes me want to crawl under a rock and never come back out... so wish we'd done some of this stuff from the get go). Check it out.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


paul mitchell said...

Looks like the restaurant dropped some trash on y'all's little, bitty meats. That's a shame.

paul mitchell said...

Wait, I jumped to conclusions, those plates might be the size of Texas Stadium. In that case, never mind.

Oklahoma Granny said...

One thing about living in the country - I can run outside in my pj's and no one will ever know, umm, that is unless an airplane flies by unmexpectedly.

Flea said...

Woman, you should take your results as a compliment. Most likely you're too intelligent to work as one of those sample people. Overqualified via IQ.

Bluebird49 said...

Wow--what a great meal. Sounds like you're doing prety well on your Dave Ramsey savings plan. I wish we could get into that. I KNOW we waste too much money. We eat out too much. We don't owe any debt--we pay off any credit card debt immediately. Still, I know we should be saving more And I ned to trust in the Lord to look out for us more, too!

Hope you find a job soon, Kelly--I stayed home with our kids while my husband worked, and now he's retired---we lost our daughter 12 years ago, and our son will be 38 in a few days.

We never had but one paycheck, and never had much--so it's not too hard to get used to not having much! We probably have more now than we did back then--only because the Lord has blessed us so much.

Chris H said...

I don't blame you for running out in your pj's to take those photos, they are amazing! Elk and Antelope steak!!! We never get that here! lol

Melody said...

I really do love Dave Ramsey's advise. I wish we were done un-burying ourselves. One baby step at a time, I suppose. Good luck to you as well.