Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day Before Thanksgiving

The heat is on! This is a quick post because I need to run to the store for the last minute items. Frappy's boyfriend, Cuppa Joe, is joining us for Thanksgiving and they will be arriving this afternoon (their college is north of Denver). My house is currently a mess!

Lil' Tip #1
Take a picture of the food before part of it has been eaten.

Lil' Tip #2
Make sure the pan is big enough for your turkey!
This did not come out well...

Lil' Tip #3
If the marshmellows on top of your sweet potatoes catch on fire...
scrape them off, throw them out, and try again with new ones.


Paula said...

More great tips! Love it!!

Melody said...

Thanks for the tips. Sorry about your marshmallows! :)

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Laura~peach~ said...

loven it... what a beautiful spread!

Andy said...

HA! Love the marshmallows...

Happy Thanksgiving, CB! To you, and all of blessed!

Angela said...

Cripe, I'm starving now,,LOL

Chris H said...

Massive spread you have going on there!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

LOL, did your smoke alarms go off?

Elysa said...

Ha! My marshmallows turned out dark brown but, blessedly, had not reached the black stage yet as we had no back up babies.

Oh...and I also did not have the proper roaster. :/

Dusty Mommah said...

Glad to know my kitchen isn't the only one that suffered casualties. I love that burnt marshmallows peel right of in one piece, if you're lucky :-)

Alas, no one took pictures of my golden turkey...

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!!