Sunday, October 17, 2010


It has been a bit strange to step back into my life after going to Africa. Yet, step back into it I've had to do. I don't want my trip to have just been about my observing the sad state of a group of people in another country. I just don't know what to do with the experience or which direction to head.

I love this time of year, especially here in Colorado. The leaves are not as bright as usual. I'm sure that probably has something to do with the lack of water this summer. It is still pretty though.

It is amazing to me how big our world is and yet so small at the same time.

Little tid bit of info on me for ya... I can say, "Fall is a beautiful season," in Japanese. When Mr. Macchiato and I were dating his roommate's girlfriend went to the same college I did. She is from Japan and they also got married. Their kids are much younger than ours though, LOL!

I've got an interview tomorrow. Here we go again, eh? Oy. Looking for work is no fun. I really can't complain though. Actually, after my trip I should never complain about anything ever again. Of course, I will.

Good Lord, trying to do stuff on the computer with my family all around is an effort in futility!

Was that a complaint? Oh my... that didn't take long.


paul mitchell said...

Aw, I really enjoy the complaining about everything. It makes me happy.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Beautiful photos as always. I'm sure God will show you the way in which He intends you to go. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you go on your interview.

Melody said...

Autumn really is a beautiful season!

BTW, I sent your pics from my give away back in June (I am terrible at mailing things in a timely manner, sorry!) and you should be receiving them soon. :)

Elysa said...

Yeah, complaining is a national sport in our country! One that we often take quite seriously. Heck, people even get paid for it so it is a hard habit to break.

Karen Deborah said...

It takes awhile to 'come back' after you get home. So it was a life changing encounter, that is a good thing. We are having a drought. Everything looks dry. your pics are good.