Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

Boy... the days just get away from me lately! I just thought to myself, "I'll get back to blogging tomorrow," and realized my days of doing that turned into over a week.
My Dad just visited for three days and I didn't know he was coming until a couple days before he arrived. It was so nice to get to spend some time with him!
Our team to Swaziland is doing a little VBS for the kids at Beveni Carepoint (I learned the proper spelling is Bheveni and it is pronounced Buh Vaney... but Children's HopeChest is spelling it Beveni for whatever reason) and I volunteered to get that together. I worked with innercity/homeless children in Jackson, MS, for 5 years using a curriculum (written by a friend) designed for children at risk. I thought I could just pull some lessons from that and it would be like stepping into an old pair of shoes for me. After going through the materials, however, I've decided to just write one. I wrote a VBS curriculum for our church in 2006 using the Narnia DVD. I just want what we teach to be relevant to their life experience. If it goes well, we can then hand it off to other teams going to other areas.
I need to get the newsletter out for a medical clinic and am stressing about that. It is really important I do an excellent job for them and am praying that I can write it in such a way that people will actually read it.
Pumpkin Spice's stuff arrived... Sadly, a kind lady and her husband found a box on the side of the road in Nebraska with my mother-in-law's contact info. It was the box containing her mother's china and most of it was destroyed. The lady is boxing up what survived and shipping it to us. What an angel!!! And what a blessing to know what happened to that box! Pumpkin cried and cried though.
First football game of the season Friday night!


Elysa said...

Kelly, you are going to do a GREAT job with the VBS stuff! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

Karen Deborah said...

wow your writing skills are going to be a big blessing! sorry about the lost things. It can be hard. I lost a lot in an earthquake, but it taught me to hold on to things more loosely. It may have been good for pumpkin to cry---lot's of changes and loss. Some times there is nothing that helps more.

I know your getting excited about your trip!

Angela said...

Please know that I will be holding you all close in ya girl.