Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Home!!!

Internet service was difficult in Africa so I didn't get to post throughout my trip as I had hoped. I have got a lot of things that need tending to and am still processing so much of what happened during the trip. While in Swaziland, we met the Schifanos who left a couple days later. Marc has a blog,The Schifano Tribe, and he posted a video that includes our team in some of the pictures. I'm the blond in the orange shirt.

Marc and Jan's Swaziland Trip from The Schifano Tribe on Vimeo.


MJ said...

oh how awesome! welcome home! a good deed you have done. God smiles down on you and those whose lives you've touched.
kick back---relax..and be proud of yourself.
Love and heartwarmings
Miss MJ

Oklahoma Granny said...

Welcome back! So glad you're home and had a safe trip. I'm sure your trip was a blessing to all.

Angela said...


Chris H said...

Welcome home... I hope the trip was all you hoped it would be.
The wee children in the video are all so gorgeous.. and healthy... which is great. Their smiles are really amzing.

Melody said...

Welcome home! Those are some cute little children. :)

claudia said...

Welcome home! My face hurts from smiling through that video! Those babies are all so sweet...I wanted to hug and kiss them all. What wonderful smiles.
I cannot wait to hear (read) about your adventures.

Karen Deborah said...

welcome home and your life will never be the same right?