Monday, August 2, 2010

I did not get that job. I was told I was a "close second." Oy. As if that makes it better. Looking for a job is quite the drag. But... such is life, eh? Thankfully, I seem to be handling this disappointment a little better than I handled the last one.

I had another set of botox injections last week. My voice was going fast. I cannot tell y'all how grateful I am for my doctor in Denver and how good he is at what he does. I went in on Thursday and my voice was back Friday. I do not have the typical side effects and things happen right away. I am still blown away by it all. My doctor saw a very famous singer the day I saw him. In fact, he sees many famous performers. I so wish I could tell y'all who!!! But... I can't.

Well, I have got a busy day! I host a women's fellowship at our house on Monday nights and need to prepare for it. You can take that to mean... clean like a crazy woman. LOL!

Happy Monday!


Oklahoma Granny said...

So sorry about that job but I've just got to believe God has bigger plans for you. In His time. Have a wonderful time at your ladies' fellowship this evening.

paul mitchell said...

If you want to work, it shall happen. And you know that.

Trisha said...

Rubbin' elbows with the famous - and all because of SD! There is a nice side to the bad things!

Is is a coincidence that the "secret word" for this comment is "sucka??"

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep God has a plan for you... no worries the right job will come along... and DO SPILL WHO ? did you get to see them?

Kathy said...

Beautiful wildflower picture! Such variety. So glad your botox Doc is great at what he does. Bummer about the job..... Yea for ladies' fellowship. I hope that you are as upbeat as you sound here in blogland.

Chris H said...

Drat about the job! So sorry ... better luck next time.

Just Me said...

Ah, I'm sorry about the job. As much as you wanted it, it must not have been the right one for you.

I'm SO happy that the Botox is working!!!!!

DustyMommah said...

I came across your blogspot by accident, and once I started reading, I couldn't stop! It was EXACTLY what I needed today, as I was feeling sorry for myself because

1: my husband's job takes him up in No. California a lot, so his company set him up with an apartment, and he's up there sitting at the pool in 82-degree weather while I'm down here moping at my desk and it's 100-degrees outside

2: i missed church today because my car in the garage is dead and my son-in-law's truck is parked in the driveway behind my car and Triple A couldn't get the jumper cables to reach my car

3: last night I ate almost an entire bowl for fresh cut mangos from costco because I was too bummed to make myself dinner, so i spent most of the night getting up to use the facilities so now I'm sleep deprived

4: there's no one online on facebook because all my other facebook friends HAVE A LIFE

5: i forgot to deposit my unemployment check in the bank, which means we might be overdrawn tomorrow.

And so, down in the dumps as I was, I opened up facebook and saw a cousin's status update: So-and-so is a coffee bean. So I googled coffee bean, and clicked the first entry and voila I was at your site and I couldn't stop reading.

I love how God works like that! Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a way that lifts the spirits of a lonely almost semicentenarian and bring a smile to her face.

Maybe I should start my own blog...