Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Fifteen...

I'm a busy girl right now but I really need to stop and chronicle this adventure that my life has become. I decided to blog for fifteen minutes here and there as I can.

Africa. I'm going. I still can't believe it. The entire trip is paid for through the incredible generosity of friends that raised the money for their own portions of the trip. That blows my mind.

We will be going to Swaziland to work at the Beveni Carepoint through Children's HopeChest. We will spend time with orphans and won't know exactly what we will be doing until we are there. Whatever they need done, I suppose. Swaziland is the country most affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The life expectancy is only 28-32 years and they are losing 2% of their population each year. There are young children trying to care for their younger siblings by themselves...

Since I started looking for work there have been people that have asked me if I could do whatever I wanted what would that be? I usually laugh and tell them, "Go see things for myself in Africa and write about it... the history, the politics, the problems, possible solutions, and to find God in the midst of the suffering." My pipe dream... You know, the one you don't ever think will really become a reality and if it does, that it is far off in the future... after you've won the lottery. As for the here and now, I was looking to do event planning for non-profits. Or... any job, really.

So many people have tried to console me through my not getting those jobs by telling me that those weren't the right jobs for me and that God had something better in store. I'm pretty sure I've even said similar words to others when they've been disappointed. It is hard for me to jump up and say, "Yes! This trip is exactly why I didn't get those jobs! God knew He was sending me to Africa!" Although, I certainly do feel that way. I worry about the people that are still struggling with disappointment, that pray continually for whatever situation they are in, and aren't seeing any good come from it... yet. I also know so many stories of people who struggle year after year after year, whether it is financial, health or relational. I know they pray too.

Here I have been given an incredible gift and I'm struggling with the "Why?" of it. I am so grateful and excited, although somewhat scared. I am not concerned about being uncomfortable, getting sick or for my safety. I'm afraid I'm going to have my heart broken, that what I'm going to see is going to hurt. I'm under no illusion that my 11 days will change much of anything for the people I will come in contact with. I am astounded by the cost of my trip and wonder if it wouldn't be better to just send that money to the ministry. Yet, this has been given to me so I am going to go. We don't have money to give right now. Our house is full and we have no way of adopting children from here in the U.S., much less another country. What is the point of me going? I do not want this trip to be about a self indulgent, middle aged woman becoming more grateful for the life of ease I've always lived.

What can I do? Right now the only thing I can think of is to write about it. Hopefully, I will be able to do more than that. Maybe an idea will come to me or another door will open through which I can become more a part of the solution to some of the problems we face in this world. I don't know. I just know that this door opened and I'm walking through it.

On the home front, my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow! She's already gotten some mail here which made it all the more real that she is moving in with us. School starts for Double Shot on Wednesday and the first "official" football practice is tonight. Of course, he's been in conditioning all summer. Chai Tea has moved down into the office and the office was moved out into the family room. Frappy took all of her furniture last year when she moved from the dorms into an apartment so we had moved Chai Tea into her room when she moved back home in March. Frappy's room will now be Grandma's room. When Frappy comes to visit since Chai Tea moved home she's either slept in Chai's room with her or on the couch. Cuppa Joe usually comes with her and takes the futon in the basement.

Okay... I went over fifteen minutes a tad. LOL!

Oh! And a little bit of personal trivia... I broke my back in a jet ski accident up near the Canadian border in Idaho 17 years ago today... and my little brother was in a terrible car accident 2 years ago today and was in a coma. He is doing well... just released his second CD.


Just Me said...

I'm guessing God gave you this gift because He knew you'd use it to its fullest potential.

Good news about your brother! Thank you!

noexcuses said...

I am so incredibly happy for you that I am tearing up reading this post. There is so much going on in your life, and it all sounds so wonderful.

My take on God's work is that it doesn't matter "why". He picked you because he knows you will touch so many while you are there, and then you will come home, write about it, and touch more. I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Go, and do what you do best...LOVE!

Trisha said...

My, my! You certainly are getting busy, aren't you? Thanks for taking at least 15 to keep us up to date!

Kathy said...

All I can think to write is Wow!