Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rolling Along...

My goodness... my life has just been a hOpPiN lately! It's almost as if I'm on a joy ride and I'm not quite sure what each day is going to bring as I roll on down the road.

I stumbled upon a ministry that has just blown me away and when they said they needed someone to take on their newsletter, I stepped up. A bit crazy considering I'm looking for a job and it is a serious commitment... but, I am trusting that God will work out those little details. I am just so incredibly impressed by what this ministry has been able to accomplish that I am honored to be able to meet a need they have.

My big interview is drawing near. Hopes are up. I always try to be realistic... My husband is a pessimist and says that it keeps him from being disappointed. That just isn't me though. I grab the tiniest glimmers of hope and run through my imagination with them. And... I do suffer disappointment. It is during those times I think Mr. Macchiato has it right and I should try to think more the way he does. However, in the end, it just isn't who I am. Besides, new glimmers always come along to distract me. Also, I don't think thinking one way or the other is better. It is just that glass half full or half empty thing... and they are both right.

I've started a Ladies Home Fellowship and am pretty excited about it.

Our little Double Shot turned 18 this weekend. Hard to believe. He had such a hard start in life with all his medical issues and I look at him now and am totally amazed. There was a time when I didn't think he'd make it to ten years old because of his lack of fear and impulsivity (that is a word, I think). Methinks he will be a good man. Right now... he is still a teenager with a year of high school left. OY!

So... yeah. I'm rolling along here. I hope to get to some blogs and see what y'all are up to!


Chris H said...

I like to be optimistic myself... and here's hoping you get that job once the interview is over.

Angela said...

18....good stuff...Asher will be in December....sounds like you are definitely moving along girl..Great stuff about the women's group.....I've taken a break this spring...been having one for quite some time and just needed to have some down time...may start back up in September but instead of having it at my home, will have it at the church...I'm like you..Randy is like hubby..lol

Karen Deborah said...

Eeeyore--you are definitely more of a sweet little character than that. You just go right on bubbling along...DS is 18? OK I really am getting old. MY birthday is the official senior citizen number like our highway out here and now I can get a discount. Oh boy I am so excited about that*****right.

keep hiking up those mountains woman! there is no telling what you can do!

Trisha said...

It is hard not to be optimistic about things like upcoming job interviews. In fact, if you weren't it wouldn't be good - I think! I say stay positive and deal with the dissapointment IF it shows up. That is life.

Happy birthday, Double Shot!