Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

I should hear about that job I interviewed for (and want really bad) this week. Hopefully, TODAY. Unfortunatley, I am not feeling uber positive. I do not like that feeling of being in limbo.
This was Friday's sunset. I snapped this on our way home from Denver. Mr. Macchiato and I drove up to the airport to see a friend during his short lay over. We were both in his wedding and had not seen him in 18 years. Both of our families moved away from the Northwest early in our marriages. It was so good to see him and hopefully it won't be long before we can all meet up again.
Double Shot had a scrimmage in full pads on Saturday. He's been moved to outside linebacker on defense and was a beast. Of all the sports he plays, I find football the most interesting. It also happens to be the sport that he loves the most. Fall is my favorite season and I'm getting excited about it being around the corner. I just love it! Everything about it!
Oy. I have so much to do today. Blogging isn't something I can concentrate on right now. My mother-in-law is moving in in less than a month and I've got so much I need to get ready for that. If I do get this job, I will be under the gun big time. But, that would be fine with me! LOL! I just need a job!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Benny...

This is our Beloved dog, Eve. For me, she holds a place in my heart that will never be filled again. She was my Forever Dog. She died in January 2007 and I am still brought to tears when I think about her. It was my intention to never get another dog after LuLu lived out her days.

But... several months later I saw him in a pet store. Chai Tea was with me and tried her best to get me to hold him. I would not. I could not get out of there fast enough. He was in a pet store that we often went to to look at puppies because we thought we would never be tempted to buy one from there. It was a terrible place. We were wrong.
The next day Mr. Macchiato suggested we go look. I had not breathed a word to him about the rolly polly boy golden that was there. I agreed and the second I walked through the door I hoped he was still there. He was. He was asleep with his ear hanging down in his water dish. I ran to him and picked him up. I told Mr. Macchiato he breathed his magic puppy breath and I had to have him. The truth is... he worked his magic before I ever even smelled his puppy breath.
Mr. Macchiato, like me the day before, refused to touch him. Losing Eve had been so painful... We really couldn't afford to buy him. The rest of that day was spent going back and forth. I gave up and that night Mr. Macchiato told me I could get him the next day if he was still there.
Double Shot and I were there the second the shop opened. I noticed a sign on the wall that said you got a $100 discount if you paid in cash. I left Double Shot there and went to the bank across the street. We had a limit on how much cash could be extracted from the cash machine each day so I had to go into the bank and wait in line. Double Shot was frantic when I got back to the shop because I'd been gone so long and some ladies had been looking at Benny. He took him to another part of the store and hid until I could get there. It was his 14 year old way of protecting "our" dog.
Of course, we were all immediately in love. I was worried about training him and got him on a schedule right away. We all, even Mr. Macchiato, had scheduled "Benny Time" in which we got to play with him alone. He was potty trained in no time and brought great joy to our family.
LuLu, the grumpy old lady she was, loved him as well. She would get tired of his antics at times and let herself into her crate and then close the door with her paw. Benny would always lay down and pout when she did that. She also never liked for him to whine or cry. Whenever he did she would lift her nose high and start howling.

Benny adored LuLu. He followed her everywhere!

This is our favorite picture of the two of them together.
We all used to sit around and just watch them play. They were so funny!
They also spent a lot of time just hanging out next to one another. LuLu died just five days after Double Shot's parrot, Paco, died last June. Benny went crazy. Frappacino had driven down from college to be there when we put her down and had to go right back up. We took her out to eat and came home to a dog that had barked so much that all around his crate was soaked with his spit. We had to put the crate away and take him with us when we went places if we could. He eventually settled down and whenever we did leave him at home he waited on the couch looking out of our living room window.

In October, I brought Taffy home. My Mom breeds Shih Tzu's and we fell in love with Taffy when we visited in June of 2008. She was born the day after Benny was born. Benny was crazy about her from the get go. She, on the other hand, took some warming up. Of course, she weighs 8 lbs, he weighs 75 lbs and his exuberance was more than intimidating.

They love each other. In March, my Mom took Taffy back to Washington to have one last litter. Benny was obviously depressed but did not react at all like he did when LuLu died. We had intended to get Taffy back but my mother-in-law is moving in next month and she has a golden retriever... and I've been looking for a job... I just didn't know how so many people and three dogs in one house would work out, so I told my Mom we might not take her back.

Last month Double Shot and I went to see my Mom for ten days. Benny completely flipped out. It is so bad that I took him to the vet last week and he is on anti-anxiety medication. He will not pee until his bladder is so full he can't control it. I've even sent the Dog Whisperer e-mails. Our vet thinks he is a co-dependent type dog that needs to have another dog. He was upset that Taffy was gone and then all of a sudden two of his people just disappeared. My mother-in-law will be here in a few weeks with Browny... but he is an old retriever with problems. I'm afraid Benny will bond to him and then he will die. He's already bonded to Taffy so we will get her back and then if something happens to Browny, Taffy will help him get through it. We just don't know when we can work that out to get Taffy. So... for now, he's drugged twice a day. Not that that is helping much yet.
Good Lord. Who knew having a dog could get so complicated? Right now, Double Shot and I are the only ones Benny will go potty for. Last night I had to let him off leash in the park in the pouring rain and wait. I felt like I was back in the potty training days making a big deal out of him going potty and giving him a treat. It breaks my heart how he walks around all uncertain and shaking before he goes. We can't allow him out in the house much at all right now. He doesn't understand... Poor Booper.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rolling Along...

My goodness... my life has just been a hOpPiN lately! It's almost as if I'm on a joy ride and I'm not quite sure what each day is going to bring as I roll on down the road.

I stumbled upon a ministry that has just blown me away and when they said they needed someone to take on their newsletter, I stepped up. A bit crazy considering I'm looking for a job and it is a serious commitment... but, I am trusting that God will work out those little details. I am just so incredibly impressed by what this ministry has been able to accomplish that I am honored to be able to meet a need they have.

My big interview is drawing near. Hopes are up. I always try to be realistic... My husband is a pessimist and says that it keeps him from being disappointed. That just isn't me though. I grab the tiniest glimmers of hope and run through my imagination with them. And... I do suffer disappointment. It is during those times I think Mr. Macchiato has it right and I should try to think more the way he does. However, in the end, it just isn't who I am. Besides, new glimmers always come along to distract me. Also, I don't think thinking one way or the other is better. It is just that glass half full or half empty thing... and they are both right.

I've started a Ladies Home Fellowship and am pretty excited about it.

Our little Double Shot turned 18 this weekend. Hard to believe. He had such a hard start in life with all his medical issues and I look at him now and am totally amazed. There was a time when I didn't think he'd make it to ten years old because of his lack of fear and impulsivity (that is a word, I think). Methinks he will be a good man. Right now... he is still a teenager with a year of high school left. OY!

So... yeah. I'm rolling along here. I hope to get to some blogs and see what y'all are up to!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This week completely got away from me!!!

The tops of 14'ers are nothing but piles of rocks...
Rocks that move when you step on them.
Very disturbing!

We had a wicked hail storm on the 4th...
and another since.
Gotta love Colorado weather!

I have been super busy. I have an interview I'm pretty excited about on the 16th. I've been "networking". I even made myself ridiculous little business cards. Tomorrow I have to go to a luncheon. Oy. I'd rather climb another mountain.
Blogging is hard to do when I've got so many other fires burning. Before I lost my voice I wanted nothing to do with the computer... it was such a lifeline for me all those years... I need to figure out how to keep up with my online buddies!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mt. Antero!

Whew! It has been a busy several days with today being another one. I just wanted to throw a quick post up... I have a TON of pictures from this weekend. I actually survived my first 14'er.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running Home

I was looking through pictures on my computer and was struck by this one. It was taken in 2004 and the kids were running from me because they were tired of me taking pictures of them. The funny thing is, I couldn't figure out the camera and all of the pictures came out too dark except for this one. Boy, they sure do grow up fast.

It makes me laugh. How much time do we spend in our lives running from our parents?

Frappy is going to school through the summer again. She wants to be a physical therapist and will have 3 years of medical school after she gets her bachelor's degree. She is majoring in Spanish. She's called me a couple times this week in tears. She just isn't getting chemistry. She has three pre-requisite chemistry classes she needs to get through and is currently in the second one. She is meeting with a tutor today and will likely see one for the duration of the class. She just turned 20 and could graduate from college next year. We are thinking it might be wise to ease up a bit and take another semester.

Frappy has been working for a wealthy woman in town cleaning and doing yard work. She wasn't able to find a job most of the school year and she is worried about us paying for things for her. She's been paying for her own gas and food. She had me laughing so hard one day when she called!

Frappy: Oh my gosh Mom this job SUCKS!!!

Me: Why?

Frappy: It's like the JOB JAR!!!

I had an old fashioned glass jar with a wooden lid that I named the Job Jar. In it were a bunch of slips of paper with jobs on them like picking all the leaves out of the rocks, scrubbing the walls, scrubbing the baseboards, cleaning out the junk drawer, etc. They were punishments when they got in trouble. I'd yell, "That's it! Two jobs from the Job Jar!"

Me: Laughing... Really?

Frappy: YES!!! I feel like telling her, "Dude! Get a Job Jar and make your 12 year old do this stuff!" That kid just lays around the pool and watches me do stuff. He doesn't even clean his room! I don't think it is good for kids to not have to do chores.

Me: Oh Really now??? You didn't think that back then!

Frappy: Yeah, well... you know.

Me: Laughing... Yes, I know.

Well, she called crying again last night. She had been upset the day before because the lady texted her saying the house looked great and she didn't need her. She was counting on that money. Yesterday she worked but then got a text saying, again, that everything was great and they wouldn't need her until Monday. I told her not to worry and that we would help her but she is wanting to pay for things herself. I then called Mr. Macchiato to have him call her and see if he could settle her down. Daddy did.

I think we all run from our parents at some point... be it literally or figuratively. We want to figure things out for ourselves. We want to be independent and free. We don't want rules and responsibilities not of our choosing. We don't see the wisdom or understand that our parents are trying to protect us and guide us so that our lives are better for us.

Who better to run to when we get knocked down by life than those we know in our hearts love us?

I think God chose to identify himself as a father for a reason. As a parent I have learned more lessons about Him through the hands and hearts of my children than in any other circumstance. I think the love we feel for our children is the closest thing we can grasp to how He feels about us. To me, it breaks my heart to see my children making choices that will bring them pain and/or make their life harder for them.

Even though this has been a rough week for our Frappy... listening to her cry as she laid her worries and frustration out blessed me greatly. Since she's gone away to college, I've been re-instated as Mom, Kisser of all Boo Boo's. It seems like a long time that I was placed in the position of, Mom, Sayer of NO! and consequently the very Gatekeeper of Hell (I read that about me in Chai Tea's journal once).

I don't know about you, but, I sometimes have a hard time praying. Last night I took a look at how I felt when Frappy runs to me... and then about God as my Father. If I, a totally fallable and sinful mother feel the way I do when my child runs to me... How much more so does my Father in Heaven when I run to Him?