Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Settling into Summer

Spring is a pretty tumultuous time weather wise here on the front range of the Rockies but everything has finally bloomed and the landscape is getting greener by the day. This was my favorite break spot yesterday. I watched the leaves dancing in the breeze with peeks of bright blue here and there... and I couldn't see the hellishness of that backyard from this angle. LOL! Every time I go out there I start hyperventilating. The deck is rotting, the fence is falling down, the grass died in great big patches, and... it just depresses me.
Boy, do I ever hate looking for a job. I spend so much time writing cover letters and sending off my resume only to hear nothing back. At. All. What is up with that? Couldn't people set up some sort of automated response to at least let you know that your resume has been received? Going through the computer for everything is so impersonal too. The fact is I've been a stay at home Mom for 22 years and things are rough for those that have work experience. It is hard not to get discouraged. I have days where I feel pretty bad about it all.
My voice has not been doing well. I actually started the process to get my next set of injections before I really needed them and still ended up waiting too long. It is all so very frustrating! I am getting them later today and it'll be a week or so before my voice starts coming back in stronger. It'll only take a couple days before it evens out though. I've lost so much volume in just the last several days that I find myself slipping back into my old coping mechanisms of whispering (my voice is more understandable at a whisper when I have breaks) and avoidance of talking in the first place. Because I have so many resumes out I have a bit of a panic attack every time I have to answer the phone.
I'm thinking about consolidating my blogs. I hardly ever post on the Uneducated blog anymore. The two blogs sort of make me feel like two different people. Sometimes I like to talk politics, sometimes I don't. I set up the other blog back before the 2008 elections because I was posting a lot about that sort of thing and didn't want to bore those that were used to this blog.
I need to get the house ready for my mother-in-law to move in. We thought that was going to happen in July but it is looking more like the first part of August. Even so, I should get things ready now in case, by some miracle, I do get a job. It would be nice not to have a mad scramble to get things moved around.
Well, this is where I am at this morning. It is a beautiful day and I'm looking forward to my drive up to Denver.
Have a GREAT day!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Have a safe trip today. Hope everything goes well for you. Hang in there on the job hunting. Something is bound to happen sooner or later. And about your other blog - remember, November is just around the corner.

Angela said...

Liking the toes girl....perfect for REdnesday!! I so relate to the cover pages..sigh...I have one for RAndy now that I use each time, and than change it around for each job we are applying for..I'm the secretary that does all the applying for Randy when he finds the job he is searching for...I just need to clean period and get organized..sigh...sigh sigh sigh..and I have no one moving in...

Chris H said...

Cool toes... nice resting spot.
I hope the injections go well.

Kathy said...

glad you are back. missed ya!