Monday, June 28, 2010

Pillow Talk

Back in our early years as a couple, Mr. Macchiato and I would lay in bed and talk for hours. We'd gaze into each other's eyes and tell each other how good looking we thought the other was... We'd talk about how much we loved each other... We'd talk about things we wanted to do someday... We'd talk about names we liked for children even years after we stopped having them... We'd reminisce about fun times...

Last Night:

Mr. Macchiato: Did you make an appointment with Penrad? (follow up mammogram, I've been having to go every six months)

Me: No. I told you you had to make your appointments first.

Mr. Macchiato: I have an appointment with the dermatologist. (he had a melanoma cancer removed from his back in 2004 and is late for this year's check)

Me: Yes, and I told you I also wanted your cholesterol checked.

Mr. Macchiato: That is a waste of money. I lost all that weight, exercise regularly and I'm sure it is fine.

Me: You haven't been for a physical in over four years and there are plenty of people walking around that are active and not overweight that still have a cholesterol problem. You are probably within normal limits but I want to know for sure... for peace of mind.

Mr. Macchiato: What is more important? High cholesterol or breast cancer?

Me: You are the hold up! Make the appointment and I'll make mine!

Mr. Macchiato: You are so stubborn.

Me: No, you are stubborn.

Mr. Macchiato: Ugh! Fine!

Me: Fine!

I'll spare you the play by play recounting of other recent conversations/observations involving gray and thinning hair, errant nose, ear and eyebrow hair... possible mustaches... geezer necks, wrinkles, and flabby skin.

There's also the wide eyed nights of questions that just hang in the air that are full of worry. College expenses, needed house repairs, medical bills, etc.

I have to laugh about it all a little bit. I don't think we ever really believed that we would get old some day. It is a bit shocking to see the signs.


Trisha said...

Yes, getting old is certainly not for the faint of heart, is it?

noexcuses said...

I hear ya!!! It's horrible to get old, but you know, I'd rather have the aches & pains, than the alternative! But then, the alternative is not so bad, really. No more stress and a whole new set of friends...hmmmm?

Karen Deborah said...

you are so hilarious and not alone!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Getting older is tough to consider. Mr Macchiato needs that check up. My husband eats WAY healthy (who else prefers to eat bare baked potatoes and naked salad?) and he has a terrible time with his cholesteral. For him, it's a heredity thing.

Julia said...

Oh My Goodness! You guys are almost an exact mirror image to me and my husband . . . except he never tells me to schedule appointments . . . I'm always telling him to! UGH! It took him nearly 25 years and a divorce before he took care of his damaged and calcified mitral valve last year! And now, of all things, he will not go have the biopsy on his prostate that he was supposed to have taken care of nearly a year ago. We won't even talk about his basal cell carsinoma or going to the dentest for a cleaning. What is it with men and taking care of their health?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep understand the talks ours happen on the porches... had a good one last night :)

Melody said...

Yep. I'm right there with ya. lol