Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day... a day late!

We had a great weekend filled to the brim! On Saturday Mountain Man (a.k.a. Mr. Macchiato) hiked Mt. Lindsey in Southern Colorado. He and a hiking buddy drove down Friday night and slept in their vehicles at the trail head. This was his most difficult 14'er to date and required a little bit of climbing for which they had to wear helmets and gloves.

I really need to get back on the ball with my weight loss and physical conditioning so that I can join him on these difficult hikes. My goal is to hike Pike's Peak by the end of the summer. The thing that is hardest for me on the hikes at the higher elevations is not the walking/climbing part, but the effect the elevation has on my breathing... and the headaches. As I lose more and get stronger I'll be able to get over that.

I saw this picture and thought I could have gone and just hung out there all day while he hiked the mountain! Gorgeous!

You know, pictures never really do the Rockies justice. It is just breathtaking here!

There's nothing like being out where as far as you can see there is no sign of modern civilization.

I wish we had a super fancy camera that we knew how to use with all those telephoto lenses so we could better capture what we see. I am camera kryptonite though and I could never bring myself to buy something like that even if I had the money because I knew it would only be a matter of time before I broke it. I do check Pioneer Woman's photography section of her blog for the contests she has for cameras though. LOL!

Can you believe they climbed this? Wow. Mountain Man/Mr. Macchiato was late calling me to let me know they made it down safely. It was about 2 hours after I expected to hear from him that I started to worry and a good hour where I spent some time pacing around and looking up who you contact if you've got a lost hiker. That is the part I do not like about some of the hikes he goes on... the worrying I do when he's late. Once Double Shot and I were getting in the car to head to the trail head in the dark when we finally heard from him.


Anyway, he called and I couldn't understand him because the signal was bad but I knew he was alive. Then when he called with a better signal he was pretty excited and proud of himself. I was excited to see him until... he called while I was trying to plant some stuff and covered in dirt and water and frustrated because we had friends coming in later from Mississippi and the kids rooms were disasters and they weren't helping me with anything (Double Shot had been in 7 on 7 football tournament all day out at the Academy and Chai Tea had been out with a friend... it was hot... I'd had a busy day as well... y'all know how it goes... I was getting gRuMpY)... and he said, "Hey, can you make me a pot of coffee?" Grrrrrrr... I did all his packing for him before the trip, I worried about him and I was covered in dirt.


Then he walked in the door. BURNT. TO. A. CRISP. I was P*SSED. Mr. Macchiato has a six inch long scar across one shoulder blade from where he had MELANOMA removed in 2004. He also has other scars from where they've found A typical cells and decided to remove moles.


So, nobody here liked me for the next several hours. I didn't like me either but sometimes a girl has just got to grab a broomstick and go for a little ride.


And so you know, my writing here about this is some passive aggression on my part. My mother-in-law reads this (Hi Sara!) and... well... when she reads her son went and got himself fried she will be all over him like white on rice. I only hope to be present when he's on the phone with her getting one of her famous lectures. (you get him Sara... GET HIM GOOD!)


Our friends from Mississippi arrived late late... well, actually, early early. As in 4 am. We had beds ready and they stayed back while the rest of us went to church later that morning. We might have skipped but Frappy and Cuppa Joe were meeting us there after getting up early to drive down from Ft. Collins.


We had a wonderful day. Cuppa Joe's 23rd birthday was Saturday so we gave him a coffee grinder and some coffee. I loved when we were all sitting around the table reminiscing about the Mississippi days. Only the father and oldest daughter of 7 were here as they are touring a college in Denver for her this morning. I got to retell one of my all time favorite stories... which I will tell you all... tomorrow.


Have a GREAT day!


Oklahoma Granny said...

The photos of the mountains are amazing. While a really good camera (as in expensive) might capture some even better shots, are you sure you'd want to lug it up a mountain on a hike? I'm anxious to hear your story. I'll bet it's a good one.

My word verification word was cackl - something you might get to do if you're in the room when Mr Macchiato talks to his mom. :)

Mrs. Beamer said...

I had to laugh at your broomstick comment...I've taken a ride on that broomstick a few times.

CB, I do love your pictures. The Rockies are a close second to the Cascade Mountains. Mt. Rainier is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. My day is not complete without looking at it.

Melody said...

The Rockies really are beautiful. *And* I too check PW's blog and enter the contest every time a camera is the prize.

Chris H said...

Beautiful mountains you have there!
Ouch about the sunburn... silly man.
Hope his Mum told him off good!