Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Hike, The Crags... Take 2

I didn't get that job I wanted.

I'm very disappointed.

But... Life goes on.

Mr. Macchiato and I hiked the Crags yesterday after church.

We hiked this trail back in November.

But... we lost the trail in the snow and ended up in the wrong place.

Much of the trail is still covered in snow and it was difficult in parts.

I love being out in the woods.

I could live in a cabin and spend my days wandering...

It is so beautiful... and quiet.

Like I said... part of the trail was difficult.

We are nearing our destination here...

I love the trees!

There is nothing like standing on top of a mountain and feeling the wind rush over you.

We had a 360 degree view and not a sign of civilization!

I feel small when I look out over scenes like this...
I feel small and in awe of creation...
And I find comfort in that.

Being out in nature changes my perspective.

It reminds me that there is a bigger picture.

And it brings me peace.

I may be a speck...
But I am not insignificant.
None of us are.

When we did this hike in November we ended up over on the other side of this.

We still had some great views and felt a sense of accomplishment...
However, had we not tried the hike again we would have missed out on what was meant to be our final destination the first time.

As I partook of my traditional Mountain Top Apple...
I thought about how people have been telling me God must have something better for me than that job I wanted. It's hard for me to imagine because I thought that job was perfect for me. So many people are out of work right now... maybe the person that got the job was more in need of it than I.

I don't have the answers.
I don't know where I'm headed.
I'm just going to keep moving.

Someone left this plaque at the base of a tree...
And it reminded me.

We've got some worries right now.
But whatever happens, we will be okay.

Our life path may look like this for awhile and be hard to slug through.
And we may have taken a wrong turn... or four...
I have to trust that if we keep pushing through we will reach that final destination and it will be more beautiful than we ever imagined.

The way down was a bit treacherous for holding onto a dog so Mr. Macchiato let Booper off his leash.

Benny LOVES snow!

Watching him run FREE was JOYOUS!!!

Spring is finding its way to the mountains...
And like it is always darkest just before the dawn...
The landscape seems cold and lifeless before the spring.
But, spring does come!


Kathy said...

Thanks for taking me along on your hike (journey). Your words are lovely.

claudia said...

Sorry about that jb...perhaps there is one waiting for you that you are better suited for, one that you will want even more.
There is a reason...
Love the pictures of your hike. I think it's great when someone leaves a message to everyone (such as the plaque). It is fun to find those.
Hang in there with what is worrying you...I am a testament to things always work out the way they are supposed to, I'm still smiling, and so will you be.

Angela said...

Your pics reminded me of Ansel Adams. I watched a program about him yesterday and the photo's he took.

That is SO amazing that plaque that was left behind.

At times I wonder about the interviews Randy has had, the no call backs. Like you, I've been told (and told myself), it just wasn't the job for him. I have to trust that. At times I want to say, 'who cares, He NEEDS a job period, it's been too long'. Of course God knows how long it has been and He's been there for us, so I must continue on being still and knowing He is God in all things.

Chris H said...

What a lovely hike... amazing photos 'K'... sorry about the job.. but something will happen for you at the right time.
I look at your photos and wonder... is it safe? Are there wild animals? Bears? I would be too scared to go where you go I think!
Bears eat people!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Great photos as always. Thanks for the hike.

Deborah said...

I know this was posted the other day, but I'm sure I was meant to read it today....thank you.