Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Macchiato Blodgett Peak 5/15/10

Mr. Macchiato hiked Blodgett Peak on Saturday with a friend.
This hike is still too difficult for me.

They didn't get to see much because they hiked up above the clouds.
It was still breathtaking though.

This was taken on the way down...
That is the fine city of Colorado Springs.
Mr. Macchiato sent me a link to a story in our local newspaper yesterday. It is looking like people are now going to be charged to hike the fourteener's... as much as $20 a person. Let me tell you... he is NOT happy about that! Not. At. All.
Hiking is something we enjoy doing that is relatively inexpensive. We just have to pay for the gas to get us there and back home. We usually eat out after a hike but it isn't necessary. We have been acquiring some gear over the years... hiking boots, back packs, spikes, etc... but, all that isn't necessary to start. Up to now the parks and trails have been maintained through our taxes and an additional expense to actually use those resources seems unfair. At the very least, if they are going to go through with this, they should exempt Colorado residents.


Trisha said...

What beautiful picture - clouds and all. IT doesn't seem right to have to pay to hike. Nature is supposed to be free, right?

Oklahoma Granny said...

Great pictures. Above the clouds - WOW!

I understand how you feel about the fees. To me it's something akin to having to pay to go to the library or a national monument or something along those lines.

Kathy said...

I also love the mountain hikes and rides. We have been dealing with the same things for years, trail closures, fees, regulations, law suits by groups obviously wanting to keep us humans out of 'our' forests. Govenment has just gotten way too big and in my humble opinion is no longer 'for' the people. good luck....