Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of Being Lazy

I have wasted the last two days. Wasted.


Yesterday I pulled all sorts of stuff out of the storage area of our basement and made a HUGE MESS. Now I want to run away.

I am much better at organizing other people's stuff than my own.

All my fake plants, flowers and ivy need to be cleaned. They are covered in dust.

The little decorative railings on top of my cupboards in the kitchen are falling apart and need to be re-glued.

Our front and back yards are eye sores.

I was looking at my resume earlier and had to laugh when I read "highly organized". At times, yes. Others, like now, no.

I'm also really struggling. Costco has the most amazing cherries in the freezer section right now. We've been eating bowls of them every night but... I want to eat them all day. They call to me from the freezer. I like them more than fresh cherries. They are huge and dark and super cherry yummy.

I have been writing lists. That means I've been getting nothing done. I'm planning and procrastinating the doing.

I see a cup of coffee in my future.


Flea said...

Cherries. Ew.

You're not getting nothing done. You're working. Baby steps, woman. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get that much done, then have a cup of coffee. Fifteen minutes more, then give in to the cherries.

Kathy said...

what kinds of things are on your lists? mine are often ridiculous, all of the things I didn't do all year, I'll put on a weekend list. LOL Then I can feel like a failure and go eat some icecream...