Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of Being Lazy

I have wasted the last two days. Wasted.


Yesterday I pulled all sorts of stuff out of the storage area of our basement and made a HUGE MESS. Now I want to run away.

I am much better at organizing other people's stuff than my own.

All my fake plants, flowers and ivy need to be cleaned. They are covered in dust.

The little decorative railings on top of my cupboards in the kitchen are falling apart and need to be re-glued.

Our front and back yards are eye sores.

I was looking at my resume earlier and had to laugh when I read "highly organized". At times, yes. Others, like now, no.

I'm also really struggling. Costco has the most amazing cherries in the freezer section right now. We've been eating bowls of them every night but... I want to eat them all day. They call to me from the freezer. I like them more than fresh cherries. They are huge and dark and super cherry yummy.

I have been writing lists. That means I've been getting nothing done. I'm planning and procrastinating the doing.

I see a cup of coffee in my future.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Macchiato Blodgett Peak 5/15/10

Mr. Macchiato hiked Blodgett Peak on Saturday with a friend.
This hike is still too difficult for me.

They didn't get to see much because they hiked up above the clouds.
It was still breathtaking though.

This was taken on the way down...
That is the fine city of Colorado Springs.
Mr. Macchiato sent me a link to a story in our local newspaper yesterday. It is looking like people are now going to be charged to hike the fourteener's... as much as $20 a person. Let me tell you... he is NOT happy about that! Not. At. All.
Hiking is something we enjoy doing that is relatively inexpensive. We just have to pay for the gas to get us there and back home. We usually eat out after a hike but it isn't necessary. We have been acquiring some gear over the years... hiking boots, back packs, spikes, etc... but, all that isn't necessary to start. Up to now the parks and trails have been maintained through our taxes and an additional expense to actually use those resources seems unfair. At the very least, if they are going to go through with this, they should exempt Colorado residents.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Hike, The Crags... Take 2

I didn't get that job I wanted.

I'm very disappointed.

But... Life goes on.

Mr. Macchiato and I hiked the Crags yesterday after church.

We hiked this trail back in November.

But... we lost the trail in the snow and ended up in the wrong place.

Much of the trail is still covered in snow and it was difficult in parts.

I love being out in the woods.

I could live in a cabin and spend my days wandering...

It is so beautiful... and quiet.

Like I said... part of the trail was difficult.

We are nearing our destination here...

I love the trees!

There is nothing like standing on top of a mountain and feeling the wind rush over you.

We had a 360 degree view and not a sign of civilization!

I feel small when I look out over scenes like this...
I feel small and in awe of creation...
And I find comfort in that.

Being out in nature changes my perspective.

It reminds me that there is a bigger picture.

And it brings me peace.

I may be a speck...
But I am not insignificant.
None of us are.

When we did this hike in November we ended up over on the other side of this.

We still had some great views and felt a sense of accomplishment...
However, had we not tried the hike again we would have missed out on what was meant to be our final destination the first time.

As I partook of my traditional Mountain Top Apple...
I thought about how people have been telling me God must have something better for me than that job I wanted. It's hard for me to imagine because I thought that job was perfect for me. So many people are out of work right now... maybe the person that got the job was more in need of it than I.

I don't have the answers.
I don't know where I'm headed.
I'm just going to keep moving.

Someone left this plaque at the base of a tree...
And it reminded me.

We've got some worries right now.
But whatever happens, we will be okay.

Our life path may look like this for awhile and be hard to slug through.
And we may have taken a wrong turn... or four...
I have to trust that if we keep pushing through we will reach that final destination and it will be more beautiful than we ever imagined.

The way down was a bit treacherous for holding onto a dog so Mr. Macchiato let Booper off his leash.

Benny LOVES snow!

Watching him run FREE was JOYOUS!!!

Spring is finding its way to the mountains...
And like it is always darkest just before the dawn...
The landscape seems cold and lifeless before the spring.
But, spring does come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sustainable Living

This is Chai Tea and Double Shot back in 2006 walking our dogs, Eve and Lu Lu, on property of some friends of ours. We had gone out there to see the house they were building by themselves.

They used materials found on their property and the design of the house dates back centuries. The walls are made of wood they cut themselves (like you cut wood for fires... same size) and then layered with cement (mortar). Bear with me as I try to describe this stuff in a woman who doesn't know the proper construction terms way.

The house itself is fascinating... but the husband and wife that have done this all themselves are even more so. They were able to move into the house full time about three years ago. They both work and they tackled this project on the weekends.
This is the ceiling inside of the house. All the lumber came from their property. They are completely off the grid and are working at becoming completely self sustaining. All they need to do to accomplish that at this point is start raising animals.

This is their barn and the first thing they built on the property. They used to camp in it when they were working on the house. We stopped by and visited with them on Sunday and I didn't think to get pictures of how things look there now. They have added a green house to this side of the barn.

I did take some picture of the inside of the greenhouse. I loved her salad bar sign on the wall. The drums are full of water. This whole set up is amazing!

They were vegetarians... she had been for over twenty years. However, she was having some problems and they learned that her body had been damaged by eating that way... even though she was careful and made sure she was getting enough plant protein. She is a nutritionist and a personal trainer. It is taking a long time for her body to recover.
Do you see the stings hanging to the right? They string up melon vines and they grow up the walls. By putting the melons in women's nylons they can grow that way without breaking the stem.

Next time we go out there I am going to take better pictures. I wasn't thinking about blogging about this when we were out there. They are now getting ready to build a little guest house. It will be a single room in the same design as the house and will not have plumbing. They've already got the trail from the house to the spot and have supplies gathering.
One of the things they talk about in regard to our food supply is very interesting. While they now eat meat, they are careful to only buy meat that the animal was raised eating what it would naturally in the wild. Much of our food comes from places where the animals... and even fish... are fed corn. That is not natural to them.
I would love to live somewhere like they do one day. They had a herd of elk in their yard just that morning. However, they did have a bear get on their deck last summer. Yikes! I hope we never have to leave Colorado. I love the mountains.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day Saturday night with a trip to our favorite Italian restaurant.
This is the Manicotti and it is aMaZiNg!!!
Chai Tea had to work and Double Shot had a flag football game and then a school project he needed to work on with friends on Sunday.
Sooooo... I spent the day alone with the man who made me a mother!
When I said that in front of the kids we got substantial groaning.
It was awesome!
We all went to church and then our separate ways.
All us Moms got a rose at church.
I wish y'all could smell it!

Our Aspens are blooming!!!

I can't count the times my kids brought me dandelions when they were small...
Their bright shining faces, telling me they loved me and asking me if I liked little "lellow" flowers. Yes. I did. And I do.

Booper's first adventure in the new car!
Yup. I got the Dodge Caliber and I LOVE it!
That is Chai Tea helping keep him in.

The music choice for the drive...
Love this CD!!!

There is nothing like standing on top of a mountain.

This is the view to the east from atop Mt. Herman.

Pictures never do what we see justice.
There was a train winding its way through as we sat there.

I can't wait to go hiking when everything has bloomed.
Spring has not yet come to the higher elevations.

We couldn't get Benny to drink earlier in the hike...
He was more than ready for some water once we reached the top!

My mountain top apple.

A view to the west.

I never get tired of looking at Pike's Peak!

Dirty little car!

Clementine needs a bath!
I named her Clementine.
Because she is orange.
And small.

What is happening?
I don't like this!!!

Yell at me all you want, I'm coming up there!

Oh Daddy! I'm scared!

Da Boops back in the back.

My Little Clementine is all Clean!!!