Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am soooo over snow.

Where is the sun?

It is March!!!

March and April in Colorado are horrible rotten no good months!!!
It is Spring Break for Double Shot and Chai Tea is all moved back in as of last Saturday... Thus, my blogging absence.
I got a rejection e-mail for a job I applied for. Sniff. Of course, there are many others I haven't heard one way or the other from. This is not the best time for someone who has been a stay at home mom for over twenty years to be looking for work. Depressing.
Last Friday was a day to be blogged about. Long story short... I put windshield fluid in the power steering fluid of my Explorer. That was an expense we didn't need. What is really bad is that every time Mr. Macchiato goes out of town I get myself into some sort of pickle and our friends, Dually Boy (because he drives a ginormous red diesel truck) and his wife, end up coming to my rescue. Last year he had to help me winterize our trailer and then another time they came over early one morning to give Double Shot a little Come to Jesus meeting after I let him have a couple friends spend the night and they screwed up our computer. When I called him from the Auto Repair Shop he had to take a moment laughing before he could tell his wife they were going to go pick Double Shot and I up and why. Needless to say, they find me quite amusing.
Thankfully, the time went by quickly. Dually Boy and his wife took us to a used furniture store where we bought Chai Tea a dresser. We'd been out in the crummy weather looking for a dresser when I ran out of windshield wiper fluid. I found a dresser that matched the day bed quite well but was more than Mr. Macchiato wanted to spend. He called me as we were leaving the furniture store and said that if I couldn't find something else I might be able to get it the next day. I was headed to the gas station. So you know, the cost of that repair was the same as that dresser. We found an all wood dresser with 5 drawers that all glide smoothly for $65 so I snagged it. Of course, it wasn't until we turned onto our street that I realized my keys were at the Auto Repair Shop. Typical. Double Shot was able to break into the house and let us in. Now I'm afraid he could be a criminal some day.
We then went to Starbucks. Of course, I spilled mine all down the front of my jacket. Dually Boy caught it in his rear view mirror. Like I said, they find me quite amusing. Good thing since they are always willing to come to my rescue. In fact, Dually Boy was saying that he has to be sure to not ever go out of town when Mr. Macchiato is out of town.
In my defense, there are no words on anything under the hood of my car. Just pictures. AND the pictures are confusing. What was the picture of a steering wheel looked like a possible windshield with wipers to me. When I realized my mistake I immediately drove to the Auto Repair Shop. The mechanics did not laugh at me... openly. I was very upset and after a bit I asked them to show me where the windshield fluid is supposed to go. The cap was off of it and hanging down the side. Had it been on and I'd seen that little picture I would have put the fluid there. I did see the hole but had no idea what it was for. If it had not been frigidly cold with snow blowing all around me I might have taken the time to look it up in the manual. In fact, I'd take a picture and post it but... I am no longer allowed to lift the hood of my car. Ever.


Angela said...

I want to cry for you with all that snow...oh my goodness coffee...((Hugs)) I'm depressed looking at it..and the coffee you spilled coffee..oh my..that made me want to cry too...and the fluid thingie you did (can you tell I don't drive,lol)...sigh....

Here is a story that may put a smile on your face and maybe even make you pee your pants a bit, LOL..

full cup of coffee in my hand girl. I'm THRILLED. No kids, just hubby and I Christmas shopping. I'm SO happy. Got me my Tim Horton's coffee. Even waited to open the sucker up TILL we got to the parking lot..

Than I fell something on my face and I'm wondering, 'did Randy spit on me"..I look down and a bird not only shit on my face BUT ON MY full coffee that I just took one little sip of!

I almost freaked..a little bit because it was on my face,,how disgusting BUT my coffee...waaa waaaa

Chris H said...

Ha ha ha... so sorry for laughing... but it's too funny.
YOu are not allowed to open the hood of your car ever again.... and why would you want to eh?
I never do!
That is man work!
{{{HUGS}}} for such a crappy day.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I am so sorry for the trouble you had but I have to admit it made me laugh. Honestly, that sounds just like something I would do.

Melody said...

Ohhhh! What a mess! Not lifting the hood, and only having someone else do the dirty work, just might be a pleasant thing. Just sayin'! ;)

Just Me said...

Oh, wow. At least you caught your mistake before you did major damage to your car.

The same can't be said for my in-laws' neighbor who put anti-freeze where the oil should go and - surprise! - blew his engine and had to buy a new car.

So he buys a new car and is bragging to everyone he meets about the terrific deal he go on a several-year-old car that only had 15,000 miles on it or some such thing.

The guy's playing show-and-tell with his car, and my FIL notices that the odometer reads 150,000, not 15,000.

Trisha said...

Tee-hee! So sorry to laugh at you but . . . I am laughing WITH you in reality!

Your story sounds so much like the kind of thing I would do. My only problem is that when Hubby goes out of town, I don't have anyone willing to pick me up and take me around town.

You are blessed with such good friends!

Kathy said...

WoW, usually your mishaps make me laugh, but geeze this one just made me feel so bad for you. What a mess of a day you had and then it goes and covers your place with snow. Maybe it is funny but I am just feeling very sympathetic today. Hurray to have your daughter back in the nest for a bit.