Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama's Comin'!!!

I am so excited!!!

My Mama is coming! My Mama is coming!

Little Miss Taffy is one of my Mom's breeders. She was planning on breeding her one more time (she's had two litters) and I was going to take her when she was done. We fell in love with Taffy when we were visiting in 2008. However, the day my Grandma died I brought Taffy home with me. I had been vacillating on whether I really wanted to have another dog or not. I was sitting in my Grandma's chair and Taffy walked into the Dining Room and saw me there. She ran and jumped in my lap... and I thought about how my Grandma had watched her and the other dogs every day from that chair. A couple hours later she was on the plane with me headed back to Colorado.

My Mom still wanted her to have another litter because she never kept one of her puppies. Taffy is the perfect Shih Tzu and her puppies have all been like her. We were going to breed her to a dog here and my Mom was just going to take one of those puppies. However, now I am looking for a job and we felt it would be better for Taffy to go back to my Mom for a time. Little did we know she would go into heat yesterday!

I feel like our life has suddenly become like the weather! It is changing every day and with a lot of surprises!

I am so excited to be getting to see my Mom! I was with her in Seattle when my Grandma died and then a couple weeks later in San Diego for my Grandma's Memorial... but, we didn't really get to spend time with each other. There were so many other family members present and the time was jam packed. We will have an entire day where I will basically have her to myself.

My goodness... I really can't wrap my mind around how drastically things have been changing in my life. I'm going with it though.


Kathy said...

Am I your first commenter today? Cool! Enjoy your Mama! I have a feeling that you are going to miss that little Taffy. Will Benny be lonely without her there? Hey, how's that challenge going?

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm sure your Mama is looking forward to spending time with you. I know because I just spent a day and a half with my son and had the best time!

Angela said...

Have a wonderful visit sweetie..Yes, changes are definitely happening aren't they..It's just amazing.