Monday, March 1, 2010

I Don't Get It

The Bachelor.

I had laundry to fold and 24 was being recorded by the DVR so... I had the finale episode of The Bachelor on. What the heck?!?!? Really?!!?!

I so don't get it.

Ummmm... I don't share. Ever. If I was interested in someone and they were checking out other flavors available to them I'd be saying BUH BYE!!!

And I am not, nor have I ever been, hot like those girls! My goodness! At my fattest and most unattractive moments I wouldn't put up with being considered that way.


I'm not a fan of "reality" shows. What I've seen of them bears no resemblance to any reality in my life.

Oh! Have y'all ever seen a show called The Real Housewives of Orange County... or New Jersey... or New York? I've seen a few of those... again while folding laundry. I sat there with my mouth hanging wide open. What is ridiculous is some of the women on those shows aren't even married!


I'm so disgusted I don't even want to watch 24. I want to have Dish disconnected. And I would... but Lost is on tomorrow night and... we are supposed to get answers...

TV rots your brain.


claudia said...

I watched maybe the first show of the first season of The Bachelor. That was all I needed. Is it wrong that I am addicted to shows like COPS? I love watching idiots get busted. I'm probably going to hell in a handbasket.

Karen Deborah said...

I got so into this show fir the first time, but then I am home now and bored to death. I liked Vienna she is funny. I don't get how they don't all get insanely jealous of each other. It's weird to date people at the same time that intensely.

It's amazing what you can do while your bored. I have huge overwhelming messes in my closet and the utility room. Guess what? I am not even starting them today, no sirrrrreeeeeeeeebob

Just Me said...

I've never been into "reality" TV. I don't even watch American Idol.

I'm such a BORE. I like Food Network, Discovery, and the History channnels. I loved Merlin series when that was on last spring, and I hope it comes back.

Kathy said...

Catching up on your past week. WOW. Alot going on in your life! We have no TV stations, at all, and love it. In the morning we listen to NPR for the news. We do have a TV so we can watch a video every now and then. Usually a movie puts me to sleep.

Angela said...

Can you email me the 'answers'..I ended up falling asleep before Lost came on..waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa