Monday, March 1, 2010

A Hodge Podge...

Last weekend was rare in that there were no sports events! We decided to hit the road and go spend the day with Frappy and Cuppa Joe.

Here we all are hanging out at Starbucks!

The dogs went along for the ride.
Taffy, unlike Benny, does not like snow.
At. All.

Taffy was also in DIRE NEED of grooming! Here she is checking out Frappy's digs...

My goodness... she's a MOP!
That is the fine Mr. Macchiato in the background.

I've been cleaning out the office...
Ummmm... isn't this lovely?
Chai Tea made it.
I've hung on to most everything my kids have made.
Originally, it was to prove I actually homeschooled them.
I have boxes and boxes... and boxes.
There really isn't the need to hang on to this stuff anymore.
Oy, how do you get rid of some of it?

This one was made by Frappacino.
They hate them and don't know why I kept them.
I kept them because they made them.
In Jr. High, LOL!

Do I hang on to them for 50 years and then let them throw them out?
Mr. Macchiato's Mom has sent me stuff of his that he told me to throw out...
like a ripped, faded construction paper stocking with cotton balls glued on top.
She kept that for 35 years and we threw it away...
And... how come these don't have any arms?
And... Why are they so unhappy?
And... unattractive?

I did not realize I still have so much curriculum. Oy.
Seems I'll be learning the whole Amazon, Ebay gig.

I found this in my rolling briefcase...
That is chocolate on it...
It has been in there since June 2007.
I kid you NOT.
I had no idea...
It was in there from the big party we had at Focus on the Family when my classes I was teaching there ended.
I am ashamed.

This is the counter in Double Shot's bathroom this morning.
There is a trash can not three feet from there!
And is that a good place for a cell phone?
After finding a dirty knife in my briefcase from 2007...
I didn't even say anything.
And the fact that one of the things Mr. Macchaito hates about me is how I leave chewed up gum on top of the straws of finished drinks or the lids of Starbucks cups in my car...
He says they look like brains. And then he cleans out my car for me.

Mmmmmmmm.... Monday Morning!

Little Miss Taffy went to the Beauty Shop Friday...
And is now the NAKED dog.
She only weighs 8 1/2 lbs so it is a bit disturbing.

I tried to get a picture of her walking around but she wouldn't cooperate.

She's cold and wants to be held or curled up somewhere.

Poor Little Taff Taff!
She even hangs out in the crate even though the door is wide open.
And that is a hodge podge of pictures!


claudia said...

I like to see the every day kind of stuff in pictures from my internet friends. It's like being there with you kind of!
How's your voice doing? I smile every time I think of the video you did TALKING to us!!! It is so exciting!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the pics... give the stuff to the kids if they toss it is is on them... i have two big rubbermade crates that all the stuff that the kids made photos or awards and all other various treasures go into and when they have their own places (cory has his) and i finish going through this last room... he will be given his box... MJ will have to wait on hers a while yet... but eventually her box will go to her.
get that poor taffy a sweater LOL she looks so sad but so cute after her hair cut!

Karen Deborah said...

Cool post looks like you are going to be making money on books! As for the saving thing, I only saved the cutest things that the kids liked, and they have been lost too. A soon as they get their first college rpeort card the rest goes in the trash. I let them save what they want. I need the space!
Doesn't your groomer know it's cold? I'd kill them if they shaved my dog down like that in the winter. It's easier for them than a nice haircut but they do know how to give a nice haircut. Meanies! she is freezing.
Looks like your keeping busy!
Oh the knife, just so it wasn't dried blood. it's all in your perspective, now that would be something to feel guilty about. The chewing gum is just sick, now that is NASTY!

Flea said...

What FUN!!!

Chris H said...

I am finally over keeping kids 'stuff' from years and years ago.. just throw it out if it means nothing to them!
Taffy looks cold poor thing! Teddy can relate to that.. he was shaved to the skin in the middle of last winter.. to my horror!!!

Angela said...

I just finished FINALLY clipping Tigger..I think I took 3 lbs of hair off Oh he looks so MUCH better...I usually let my poodles hair get REAL long,,like a sheep dog,lol during the winter months...I adore this precious one you have..oh my..let's make puppies together with my Winnie. What do you think?
shitz eh