Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Da Boops Gets a Bath!!!

Off to the Dog Wash we went on Saturday!
The bath tubs are actually truck beds and you hook your dog to the inside with a choke collar.

You see all kinds of dogs...
This is Lenny.
Lenny is 18 months old and weighs 165 lbs...
and eats 12 cups of food a day.

Hi Sweet Puppy!
I forgot to ask his name.
He was NOT a happy camper!

Here's when Benny requested I feed him grapes.
I said NO.

Here's Benny checking out a new dog being led into a truck bed...

Going to the Dog Wash is much better than being washed in the front yard with ice cold water from the hose!

Clean Benny!

Happy Booper!
Oy. So much is going on! I've got a lot to do and not enough time. We had a visit from one of Mr. Macchiato's roommates from college that was a lot of fun. We hadn't seen him since I was in the hospital when I broke my back in a jet ski accident in 1993. Now I've got to focus on getting the house ready for Chai Tea to move back in. She'll be home on Sunday.


paul mitchell said...

My sister had a Saint Bernard for almost two years. He was over 250 pounds and ate 100 pounds of dog food a week when we got rid of him because he couldn't stand the Mississippi heat. For perspective, he could put a whole junior football in his mouth and close it. Imagine that.

Y'all have a dog wash place. HI-larious.

Just Me said...

The only thing more pathetic-looking than a dog in the tub is a cat in the tub.

I love the dog wash! I wish we had one! If I can't take her to the groomer, I chain the Shedder to the soap dish and wash her in the bathtub. I bought a shower head with a long hose for that specific purpose.

Chai Tea returns Sunday! Wheee! I hope it all goes well.

Rusty's Mom said...

These are great photo's you can see just how handsome he is. I love the laundramutt. We had a nice one near by that closed recently. There is one in a pet shop but it doesn't have a good set up. It's in too small an area and it gets crowded.
I love the back of the pickup idea. It just sounds like so much fun and roomy too. E

Mrs. Beamer said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. Dogs always looks so miserable when they are getting bathed. After her bath, our black lab would always head for the compost pile of rotting grass and role in it. I guess she desired to "smell good" again.

Kathy said...

both my beasts need baths too, no dog wash close to me, I'll just hose 'em down and pretend they love it. Your Benny is a beautiful dog, he has such a sweet expression. Does he miss Taffy? Will you get her back once she is done being a mama and you have less going on?

Chris H said...

Yikes! Our Teddy must have a bath soon too.. and he hates them.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Wow! I've never seen a dog wash before. Those truck beds make pretty neat tubs.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

we had a st bernard for about 6 months... when food stamps would not buy his 50 pounds a week of dog food my step mom sent him to a farm.... or so she said... he was so sweet.

Karen Deborah said...

Benny is a beautiful dog. I thought at first glance your write the boobs get a bath--yeah that would have been a heck of a post!

Angela said...

I was here yesterday checking out this post...My dogs have a wonderful 'salon' themselves...my kitchen sink, LOL

We actually have a car wash now that provides a dog wash for them,,lol