Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am soooo over snow.

Where is the sun?

It is March!!!

March and April in Colorado are horrible rotten no good months!!!
It is Spring Break for Double Shot and Chai Tea is all moved back in as of last Saturday... Thus, my blogging absence.
I got a rejection e-mail for a job I applied for. Sniff. Of course, there are many others I haven't heard one way or the other from. This is not the best time for someone who has been a stay at home mom for over twenty years to be looking for work. Depressing.
Last Friday was a day to be blogged about. Long story short... I put windshield fluid in the power steering fluid of my Explorer. That was an expense we didn't need. What is really bad is that every time Mr. Macchiato goes out of town I get myself into some sort of pickle and our friends, Dually Boy (because he drives a ginormous red diesel truck) and his wife, end up coming to my rescue. Last year he had to help me winterize our trailer and then another time they came over early one morning to give Double Shot a little Come to Jesus meeting after I let him have a couple friends spend the night and they screwed up our computer. When I called him from the Auto Repair Shop he had to take a moment laughing before he could tell his wife they were going to go pick Double Shot and I up and why. Needless to say, they find me quite amusing.
Thankfully, the time went by quickly. Dually Boy and his wife took us to a used furniture store where we bought Chai Tea a dresser. We'd been out in the crummy weather looking for a dresser when I ran out of windshield wiper fluid. I found a dresser that matched the day bed quite well but was more than Mr. Macchiato wanted to spend. He called me as we were leaving the furniture store and said that if I couldn't find something else I might be able to get it the next day. I was headed to the gas station. So you know, the cost of that repair was the same as that dresser. We found an all wood dresser with 5 drawers that all glide smoothly for $65 so I snagged it. Of course, it wasn't until we turned onto our street that I realized my keys were at the Auto Repair Shop. Typical. Double Shot was able to break into the house and let us in. Now I'm afraid he could be a criminal some day.
We then went to Starbucks. Of course, I spilled mine all down the front of my jacket. Dually Boy caught it in his rear view mirror. Like I said, they find me quite amusing. Good thing since they are always willing to come to my rescue. In fact, Dually Boy was saying that he has to be sure to not ever go out of town when Mr. Macchiato is out of town.
In my defense, there are no words on anything under the hood of my car. Just pictures. AND the pictures are confusing. What was the picture of a steering wheel looked like a possible windshield with wipers to me. When I realized my mistake I immediately drove to the Auto Repair Shop. The mechanics did not laugh at me... openly. I was very upset and after a bit I asked them to show me where the windshield fluid is supposed to go. The cap was off of it and hanging down the side. Had it been on and I'd seen that little picture I would have put the fluid there. I did see the hole but had no idea what it was for. If it had not been frigidly cold with snow blowing all around me I might have taken the time to look it up in the manual. In fact, I'd take a picture and post it but... I am no longer allowed to lift the hood of my car. Ever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm a bit frustrated...

For me and the people that know me... the quality of my voice is a miracle. I can talk on the phone. I can order from drive thru's. I can say things to people that aren't even in the same room I'm in. It is such a blessing! My voice is still a bit raspy and I don't have a lot of volume. Even before SD I never had what I would call a loud voice...

I'm a bit taken back by how new people are responding to me and my voice. Well... and even some people that do know me. Some have even been so blunt as to tell me that I sound like crap. I'm not whining here or feeling sorry for myself at all. I know full well what I have been through and I will take this voice and be happy with it over what I've had to deal with the last several years. More than happy actually. I've regained some independence that I lost. Just being able to pick up the phone and make a call by myself to ask someone a question or to make an appointment is HUGE! I'm just making some observations.

I guess I got used to being told I sound bad whenever I went out. I didn't think that I did but I must have become somewhat desensitized to it without realizing it. I sound so much better now that I find it shocking when someone feels the need to tell me I sound bad. The majority of people that say things to me are not trying to be rude... they just don't know. One of the things I was looking forward to most about my ability to speak and be understood was that I thought I would no longer have to explain what is wrong with me. Sigh...

And really... don't feel sorry for me or think that I am upset. I'm not. I'm just sharing this because it is part of my SD story. I am quite happy that I can talk regardless of other's opinions as to how I sound.

Top O the Mornin' to Ya!!!

Me: Goooood Moooooornin'!!! Get up! Get up! I'll get you McDonald's if we are out the door by 6:45 am!
Double Shot: Ugh...
Me: Come on! It's St. Patty's Day!
Double Shot: Maaaaaahhhaaammmm... I'm not a morning person. Just leave.
Me: I won't take you to McDonald's! Get up! Get up!
Double Shot: I'm getting up. Go away!
I went in my room and laid on my bed while I sang, "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms."
Double Shot: There is something wrong with you.
I waited a little bit then I took one of the ugly clay things my girls made into his room and had it sing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt.."
Double Shot: Mom! You are making it take me longer!
Then he grabbed the clay thing and dropped it on the floor. I picked it up and had it looking at him while she screamed about the abuse. He couldn't help it. He laughed.
There was the usual complaining about me on the way to McDonald's. I'm a freak, you know.
McDonald's Dude: Good Morning what can I get for you? (said with NO enthusiasm whatsoever)
Me: Goooooood Moooooornin!!! It's a fabulous St. Patty's Day! (Double Shot started hitting me) I've got me a ginormous grumpy Leprechaun here! I'd like a large Shamrock shake and a McGriddle with sausage, egg and cheese please!
McDonald's Dude: (awkward silence for a couple seconds) Will that be all?
Me: Yup!
McDonald's Dude: That'll be $7.07 at the first window.
McDonald's Dude: (so not smiling and sending off don't even talk to me vibes) $7.07.
Double Shot: Laughing... Oh my gosh, you are a FURRREEAK!!!
McDonald's Chick: Ummmm... we don't have Shamrock shakes. Do you want to pick another flavor or get a refund.
Me: Chocolate.
McDonald's Chick: (as she hands me the shake) Sorry about that!
Me: You tell your manager that y'all should be PINCHED for not having Shamrock shakes on St. Patricks Day!!!
McDonald's Chick: Laughing... yeah..
Then I proceeded to yell out Happy St. Patty's Day to some business dudes in the parking lot... and then to another dude walking down the street while Double Shot slunk down in his seat laughing hysterically.

St. Patrick's

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Da Boops Gets a Bath!!!

Off to the Dog Wash we went on Saturday!
The bath tubs are actually truck beds and you hook your dog to the inside with a choke collar.

You see all kinds of dogs...
This is Lenny.
Lenny is 18 months old and weighs 165 lbs...
and eats 12 cups of food a day.

Hi Sweet Puppy!
I forgot to ask his name.
He was NOT a happy camper!

Here's when Benny requested I feed him grapes.
I said NO.

Here's Benny checking out a new dog being led into a truck bed...

Going to the Dog Wash is much better than being washed in the front yard with ice cold water from the hose!

Clean Benny!

Happy Booper!
Oy. So much is going on! I've got a lot to do and not enough time. We had a visit from one of Mr. Macchiato's roommates from college that was a lot of fun. We hadn't seen him since I was in the hospital when I broke my back in a jet ski accident in 1993. Now I've got to focus on getting the house ready for Chai Tea to move back in. She'll be home on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Mom and Taffy are Gone...

Someone asked me how the challenge at the gym was going...

Taffy was not happy about the pants... LOL!

This morning before we left for the airport...

At the airport...
We had a really good visit with my Mom even if it was way too short. Now... on to the next thing. I am really feeling crunched. Baseball has started and Wrestling just ended. Double Shot is swing playing again and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT AT ALL!!! He won't be able to do that as a senior. I wish he couldn't now! It is like double everything. Yes, I am WHINING!!!
I cannot even write all I'm facing in the next week because it'll send me into a panic attack and my eye is already twitching. I need more TIME.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama's Comin'!!!

I am so excited!!!

My Mama is coming! My Mama is coming!

Little Miss Taffy is one of my Mom's breeders. She was planning on breeding her one more time (she's had two litters) and I was going to take her when she was done. We fell in love with Taffy when we were visiting in 2008. However, the day my Grandma died I brought Taffy home with me. I had been vacillating on whether I really wanted to have another dog or not. I was sitting in my Grandma's chair and Taffy walked into the Dining Room and saw me there. She ran and jumped in my lap... and I thought about how my Grandma had watched her and the other dogs every day from that chair. A couple hours later she was on the plane with me headed back to Colorado.

My Mom still wanted her to have another litter because she never kept one of her puppies. Taffy is the perfect Shih Tzu and her puppies have all been like her. We were going to breed her to a dog here and my Mom was just going to take one of those puppies. However, now I am looking for a job and we felt it would be better for Taffy to go back to my Mom for a time. Little did we know she would go into heat yesterday!

I feel like our life has suddenly become like the weather! It is changing every day and with a lot of surprises!

I am so excited to be getting to see my Mom! I was with her in Seattle when my Grandma died and then a couple weeks later in San Diego for my Grandma's Memorial... but, we didn't really get to spend time with each other. There were so many other family members present and the time was jam packed. We will have an entire day where I will basically have her to myself.

My goodness... I really can't wrap my mind around how drastically things have been changing in my life. I'm going with it though.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Don't Get It

The Bachelor.

I had laundry to fold and 24 was being recorded by the DVR so... I had the finale episode of The Bachelor on. What the heck?!?!? Really?!!?!

I so don't get it.

Ummmm... I don't share. Ever. If I was interested in someone and they were checking out other flavors available to them I'd be saying BUH BYE!!!

And I am not, nor have I ever been, hot like those girls! My goodness! At my fattest and most unattractive moments I wouldn't put up with being considered that way.


I'm not a fan of "reality" shows. What I've seen of them bears no resemblance to any reality in my life.

Oh! Have y'all ever seen a show called The Real Housewives of Orange County... or New Jersey... or New York? I've seen a few of those... again while folding laundry. I sat there with my mouth hanging wide open. What is ridiculous is some of the women on those shows aren't even married!


I'm so disgusted I don't even want to watch 24. I want to have Dish disconnected. And I would... but Lost is on tomorrow night and... we are supposed to get answers...

TV rots your brain.

A Hodge Podge...

Last weekend was rare in that there were no sports events! We decided to hit the road and go spend the day with Frappy and Cuppa Joe.

Here we all are hanging out at Starbucks!

The dogs went along for the ride.
Taffy, unlike Benny, does not like snow.
At. All.

Taffy was also in DIRE NEED of grooming! Here she is checking out Frappy's digs...

My goodness... she's a MOP!
That is the fine Mr. Macchiato in the background.

I've been cleaning out the office...
Ummmm... isn't this lovely?
Chai Tea made it.
I've hung on to most everything my kids have made.
Originally, it was to prove I actually homeschooled them.
I have boxes and boxes... and boxes.
There really isn't the need to hang on to this stuff anymore.
Oy, how do you get rid of some of it?

This one was made by Frappacino.
They hate them and don't know why I kept them.
I kept them because they made them.
In Jr. High, LOL!

Do I hang on to them for 50 years and then let them throw them out?
Mr. Macchiato's Mom has sent me stuff of his that he told me to throw out...
like a ripped, faded construction paper stocking with cotton balls glued on top.
She kept that for 35 years and we threw it away...
And... how come these don't have any arms?
And... Why are they so unhappy?
And... unattractive?

I did not realize I still have so much curriculum. Oy.
Seems I'll be learning the whole Amazon, Ebay gig.

I found this in my rolling briefcase...
That is chocolate on it...
It has been in there since June 2007.
I kid you NOT.
I had no idea...
It was in there from the big party we had at Focus on the Family when my classes I was teaching there ended.
I am ashamed.

This is the counter in Double Shot's bathroom this morning.
There is a trash can not three feet from there!
And is that a good place for a cell phone?
After finding a dirty knife in my briefcase from 2007...
I didn't even say anything.
And the fact that one of the things Mr. Macchaito hates about me is how I leave chewed up gum on top of the straws of finished drinks or the lids of Starbucks cups in my car...
He says they look like brains. And then he cleans out my car for me.

Mmmmmmmm.... Monday Morning!

Little Miss Taffy went to the Beauty Shop Friday...
And is now the NAKED dog.
She only weighs 8 1/2 lbs so it is a bit disturbing.

I tried to get a picture of her walking around but she wouldn't cooperate.

She's cold and wants to be held or curled up somewhere.

Poor Little Taff Taff!
She even hangs out in the crate even though the door is wide open.
And that is a hodge podge of pictures!