Monday, January 25, 2010

To Save a Life

We took Double Shot to see To Save a Life last night. Great movie!!! This is a Christian movie that is high quality with great acting. Honestly, many (not all) Christian movies in the past have suffered in the acting department, not so with this one. We were very impressed.


This movie is pretty raw... it touches on teen suicide, drinking, drugs, sex, pregnancy, cutting... I thought it was very well done. At the same time, I heard someone on the radio complaining about several of the characterizations... the pot smoking pastor's son for one. The person felt it was a perpetuation of the stereo typical PK (Preacher's kid). Not all preacher's kids rebel, but that is a stereo type for a reason. It does happen.

I've shared on here that I didn't grow up in a "Christian" home. God was not talked about. I was allowed to go to church if I wanted to and did on a little bus that a church sent around in Texas and then with neighbors in Washington. We moved to California when I was 12 and I didn't attend church much again until I was out of high school. My freshman year I did go to some events with a friend who was involved at her church. Those events were wild and minimally chaperoned. One was a co-ed overnighter in tents in a couples back yard. We spent part of the evening hopping fences and swimming in neighbors' pools unbeknownst to the adults in the house. I saw the pastor's son of that church getting high before Sunday school... I do wish the movie developed that character a little bit more as he was really just on the fringe of the movie.

Anyway, I saw the movie as being one of the most realistic portrayals of someone coming to Christ. Another criticism I heard was that they crammed too much into it. I don't agree. High school is full of kids all going through different things.

I encourage anyone who is interested in more movies like this to go see it in the theater. Box office numbers do mean something. I am most excited about this movie because the kids that see it will be given a lot to think about.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I've not heard of this movie. Thanks for putting it out there. I'm going to have to ask our older grandsons if they've heard of it. Sounds like something they need to see.

Melody said...

I'll have to see if it is playing here. What did double shot think of it?

Coffee Bean said...


Double Shot was grumpy when he found out it was a Christian themed movie... He doesn't like preachy stuff or hokey type Christian movies. He tends to go on the offensive if I push something and I think when we ran into some of his friends that saw it the show before us he felt tricked or something. They loved it but he still got an attitude. Then he slumped down like he was going to go to sleep. UGH! I poked him several times and he was getting grumpy so I just left him alone. He did not fall asleep and he said it was a very good movie afterwards. He said we needed to see a comedy after though, LOL!

Chris H said...

I'm glad DS actually like the movie.