Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is Chilly Outside!!! But NO SNOW!!!

I was out and about earlya this morning. I had to take Double Shot to school and then I had to meet with the Diabetes Counselor and the Dietitian. All of the houses had little streams of steam coming from the top of them while the Sun was shining brightly. I had to take a picture!
The Counselor and Dietitian both are very excited about my little experiment. My numbers are great and I even lost a couple pounds over Christmas even though I was eating what I wanted. I am so glad I have all of this stuff documented so that we can really see what differences the fitness challenge will make in my overall health. I will be seeing them again 2 weeks before the end of the challenge. I have to submit an essay on the last day and I want to have all of my test results for that.

Oh... and did I tell y'all I want to WIN the challenge? I am so grateful to be in the 40-49 year old women category. Maybe I will actually have a chance!

Yesterday we had "Dan the Electrician" come out to the house to take care of a few things for us. We also have a "Dan the Plumber." He was out last week to replace our garbage disposal... that had been broken since last summer. I threw down a gauntlet back in September and the weekend Mr. Macchiato and his friend were going to take care of that I ended up in the hospital. And then... it just didn't get done.

We had our thermostat replaced and moved. So now, the wall where it was looks like this. Hopefully, it will be fixed. Of course, we still do not have moulding down in places from our remodel 2 1/2 years ago.

Here is the new programmable thermostat. The house is still cold. We thought that by moving it to a more central location that the house would be more evenly warmed. Ummmm... no.

We had two bathroom fans replaced. This is the one in our bathroom and it appears some insulation from the attic has floated down since yesterday. Obviously, the new fans are smaller. Now we need a dry wall guy. But... neither of these fans have ever been properly vented. They just blow into the attic space.

Ugh. Here we get some stuff fixed only to create more problems requiring more money. I wish I could get a job. Lord knows how long it will be before we get to this stuff.
Dan the Electrician told me that our contractor for our remodel is now on crack. Sad. He was a horrible contractor. He started out great. I figured out he had a drug problem while he was working for us but back then it was prescription drugs. He had been injured on a job and had back problems. In the beginning he had drugs and everything went fine... then I noticed he would start stooping as the day wore on and moving slower and slower. I heard him on his cell phone once arguing with a nurse because he needed refills and they wouldn't give him any. Dan refuses to work with him anymore. I pray he is able to get the help he needs when he is ready.
Well, I meet with the trainer today. I've seen him twice before. He's a mountain climber and we really like him. He's 27 years old which is hard to take because he seems like a kid to me. The first time I saw him I flopped on my belly like a whale and whined after doing a 15 second plank. LOL! He's going to help me come up with a plan for the next 12 weeks.
I hope y'all are having a great day!


Chris H said...

That photo of the steam coming off the houses is cool!
I hope you do well on the Challenge.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Good luck with your challenge!

Are your new bathroom vents the ones that are supposed to be "whisper quiet"? I know the importance of running the vents but the noise drives me crazy!

Stay warm!