Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby, Oh Baby!!!

Sometimes I get out the baby pictures and remember... I love babies!!! The kids are in order... Chai Tea, Frappacino and Double Shot. So you know, that is what Double Shot looked like his first three months. Good times! LOL! Hard to believe they are almost 21, 19 and 17 years old. Time sure flies...
Our fur babies were born only one day apart and will be 3 years old next week. We've only had Taffy since October but I sure would have loved to have had her as a puppy! She's so tiny she's kind of like a forever puppy. We got Benny the day he turned 9 weeks. Oh my goodness did we ever have fun with him!
Do y'all know how much I love my Benny?
He has pretty much looked the same since he was about 8 months old, which he is here in this picture.
He is a wOnDeRfUL dog...
well, except when he's a bad dog.


Why, oh why are dogs puppies for such a short time?

Of course, Benny is still very puppy like.
He just weighs 75 lbs.


He was the easiest dog to potty train!
In that way he is the BEST DOG EVER!!!

Turkey Leg Puppy!

Benny has always LOVED toys!!!

We still use this same basket for his toys...
Each day he digs around in it countless times.

It is amazing he was ever out of our arms when we could still hold him.
Of course, that's where he still wants to be.
He doesn't mind at all that he's a big boy.

He still looks at his toys like this!

These pictures were taken pre-remodel and that step up to the dining room behind Benny was removed.

Oh Good Lord...
He was learning how to go up the stairs... too cute!!!


These pictures crack me up... he still does this!

Oh my!!!

That linoleum is GONE!!!

You know he was wanting to be picked up!

Would you look at that fat puppy belly!!!

That's my BOOPER!!!


Flea said...

Aww! Mama loves her baby dog. How sweet!

claudia said...

All very cute pictures. I would never know how much you love that dog though! He is a cutey pie!

Chris H said...

Gorgeous Photos chick!

Trisha said...

That Booper is adorable - both as a puppy and as a grown dog! I am hoping my cat, Skor, grows out of some of his "kitten" things - like chewing everything and knocking plants over!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Such sweet, sweet pictures. Booper is so cute! I can just see the love he has for you.

Melody said...

Cute pics! I sometimes like my dogs better than my kids. It's one of those days, sorry.

Jeanie said...

It is amazing how much we love those little guys....the kids and the dogs. We have only had our Dodger for about 2 months and there is no question that we have totally lost our hearts to him.

Karen Deborah said...

Oh my God you just killed me. How cute are those pictures? I swooned over the dog more than the kids; there has got to be something wrong with that!! Did your Taffy have puppies? Don't worry I am easily confused.