Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of Those Days...

It is one of those days...

You know. One of those days where you wish you could stay in bed.

It is cold and foggy and will probably be like this all day...

My dogs feel it too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food FoOd fOOOOOd


I'm like half an alcoholic. You know, one of those people that has periods of time where alcohol is not something they struggle with but then they have times when they do. Only with me it is food. I do have the ability to be self controlled. And sometimes I don't. I just went through several years where I didn't much care about it anymore and just ate what I wanted. I seem to have a ceiling weight wise and I pegged myself up on it but good.

Like my grammar?

I kind of have an all or nothing perfectionist streak. If I can't have something exactly the way I want then I don't bother. Only, I do have a limit to the nothing part and have to struggle back to where I can stand it. I vacillate between being picky and being lazy. Maybe one day I will hit a true balance. Oh, this is sweet... someone described me as balanced several weeks ago. I laugh every time I think of it. Ummmmm... I wish!

So... I blew it this weekend. What is so dumb is that I didn't even really blow it on anything amazing... like cheesecake or a big juicy burger. I dipped pretzels in a tub of store bought icing. Which I threw away after reading the ingredients which included "animal lard". Too bad I'd already eaten 5 or 6 of them. Then I ate some old granola that Double Shot has been toting back and forth to school and wrestling and probably stuck his grubby sweaty hands into dozens of times. That was actually still pretty good. And I ate some cookies I made for dessert when we had friends over for dinner Saturday night. And I ate a couple nachos at a wrestling tournament Friday night with big fat jalapenos on them. Is that even real cheese? Then we went to Ihop at midnight and I ate a big breakfast. And half a box of Milk Duds at the movies Sunday night... and some Dots I made Double Shot give me... Ugh.

My blood sugar has been excellent... until yesterday morning. Yikes! I really do need to stay away from sugar. I got it together yesterday and this morning it was back to excellent.

I can't believe I still lost two pounds this week. I did take a body combat class on Saturday that was intense. It is a combination of karate, tae kwan doe, tai chi, and whatever else. It is set to loud high tempo music and there's a lot of kicking, punching and jumping around. I loved it and am taking another one later today. I was still sore from it yesterday. It is not nearly as complicated as the step class and I was able to pick it up enough to get a real work out the first time. My face looked like a big tomato afterwards! The instructor is from the Ukraine and has tattoos. She would have people shout stuff out... and there's grunting and stuff... but then she would say, "Except you Kelly!" I felt bad when I ran into the step instructor this morning because she wanted me to go back... and I might, just not to today's class.

Oy. I'm struggling with the food part. I wish I knew what the key was to the times when I don't. It really bothers me that so many in this world are starving and I've got a kitchen full of food that I'm struggling not to eat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Doctor's Appointment...

My appointment was this afternoon. I was stressed out trying not to get my hopes up but... too late. I grab any glimmers of hope I can get and then pay for it later.

I left the house early and stopped at my doctor's office here so I could sign a release to have my records sent to the new guy.

It was a gorgeous day here. The temperature was under 40 degrees but it was really sunny and bright. I hadn't gotten my car washed yet after the last snow and the grime was getting to me. I ended up getting off the highway in search of a car wash. That was a whole little side fiasco time suck that ended up stressing me out because I cut it too close time wise. Then when I got to the office I completely forgot about getting cash for parking. I parked in another business' visitor parking across the street hoping I wouldn't get towed. I found out from the receptionist that I could park there after I got in the building.

The doctor came to the waiting room and got me himself. His clinic has an edgy look with beautiful Colorado pictures framed in black and wood floors and very modern fixtures. He's probably around 5'7" tall but carries himself with confidence. A lot of times I get a vibe from men that are shorter than I am that I didn't get from him. He was dressed all in black which I found a little disarming. He explained later that he doesn't wear a white coat because they aren't magic (I did not ask, it just came up in the conversation). He gives great eye contact which is something I always take note of when meeting people. I'm also an eye contact person and it bothers me when that is limited. Yes, he is very good looking... which is something I don't really like in a doctor. LOL! And... he is young. I didn't care about the rule where you don't ask people their age and asked anyway. He's 36.

We went over my history and he took a look at my vocal chords. That requires a camera being threaded down my nose and into my throat. I tried to be a big girl but my eyes watered the whole time. He got onto me about my whispering. That is a compensatory behavior that has created some additional problems and I have to stop... and go back into speech therapy. Speech therapy does not help with SD but now I've added muscle tension with the whispering that I'm going to have to work on. Oy.

The doctor wants to try botox his way before we talk surgery. He was trained by Dr. Berke in California and he has done the surgery 8 times himself. He's actually speaking at the NSDA conference in May against surgery. It really is a last resort. He will do the surgery for me if I give him 3-6 months to see if he can help me without it (he usually makes people wait a year). He has a patient that had it that he wants me to get together with. And, quite frankly, he did a good job of freaking me out about it. I would have a scar across my neck ala Frankenstein. I would not be able to swallow at all for up to two weeks. I would not be able to talk for up to 6 months. People have had to have emergency tracheotomies due to the surgery... it can be life threatening. It is a major surgery with a very long recovery time. The results are not guaranteed and the damage can be devastating. Sigh...

I have a combined case of AD/AB Spasmodic Dysphonia. The AD part is the bigger problem but the combination makes things more difficult to treat. If you don't know what I'm talking about I have a blurb on my sidebar about SD. He's going to inject a small dose of botox into each vocal chord nerve from the side. The thing that is nice is that he does injections whenever he needs to... no only one day a month at his clinic and then waiting a month if the injection didn't work. He will call 5 days later and if we haven't gotten the desired result I will go back in to do it over at no charge. Of course, none of this will work if I am truly botox resistant. I did have it work twice though so I wonder about that. As soon as our insurance gives the thumbs up I will be headed back up there for the injections and speech therapy.

You know... there are people with SD that get just 3 or 4 injections a year and no one would even know they have SD. Wouldn't that be something if this doctor could do that for me?!?!! He thinks he can. I hope he's right!

To Save a Life

We took Double Shot to see To Save a Life last night. Great movie!!! This is a Christian movie that is high quality with great acting. Honestly, many (not all) Christian movies in the past have suffered in the acting department, not so with this one. We were very impressed.


This movie is pretty raw... it touches on teen suicide, drinking, drugs, sex, pregnancy, cutting... I thought it was very well done. At the same time, I heard someone on the radio complaining about several of the characterizations... the pot smoking pastor's son for one. The person felt it was a perpetuation of the stereo typical PK (Preacher's kid). Not all preacher's kids rebel, but that is a stereo type for a reason. It does happen.

I've shared on here that I didn't grow up in a "Christian" home. God was not talked about. I was allowed to go to church if I wanted to and did on a little bus that a church sent around in Texas and then with neighbors in Washington. We moved to California when I was 12 and I didn't attend church much again until I was out of high school. My freshman year I did go to some events with a friend who was involved at her church. Those events were wild and minimally chaperoned. One was a co-ed overnighter in tents in a couples back yard. We spent part of the evening hopping fences and swimming in neighbors' pools unbeknownst to the adults in the house. I saw the pastor's son of that church getting high before Sunday school... I do wish the movie developed that character a little bit more as he was really just on the fringe of the movie.

Anyway, I saw the movie as being one of the most realistic portrayals of someone coming to Christ. Another criticism I heard was that they crammed too much into it. I don't agree. High school is full of kids all going through different things.

I encourage anyone who is interested in more movies like this to go see it in the theater. Box office numbers do mean something. I am most excited about this movie because the kids that see it will be given a lot to think about.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost in Thought

My goodness...

It's hard to even put into words where I am at the moment.

What is really important in this life?

I host a bible study in my home on Wednesday mornings. A lady from church came yesterday that had not come before. She actually lives in our neighborhood. While we were going around the room telling a bit about ourselves she got very emotional when it was her turn. We asked her if she would like someone else to talk while she composed herself. When we got back to her she told us she'd just been diagnosed with breast cancer...

Life is hard.

I haven't been watching all the stuff on tv about Haiti. My mind is there though. I just know from past experience that if I sit in front of the tv watching all of those images that it will swallow me. There is so much pain in this world... so much suffering.


When? Where? How?

I am pulled in so many different directions. I allow myself to be distracted in so many ways. You know that saying, "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" ? I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Not just in terms of myself... in terms of other people as well... in terms of the body of Christ. How many of us try to be all things to all people?

Focus... I need to focus. I need to keep the big picture in mind and then zoom in.

I know this post is pretty vague. It is just where my mind is today.

Now, I need to run around like a chicken with my head cut off to get the house ready to have our carpets cleaned this afternoon. Oy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

I went to a local fire station today. I wanted to talk to someone in the emergency services field and I know that firemen spend a lot of their time waiting around. It seemed like most of the men there came to the door when I rang the bell and all stood there while I asked my questions. I explained that I had a vocal chord disorder and couldn't call around and that I had been certified as an EMT long ago and was interested in doing so again. They were all very nice and answered all of my questions. I also wanted to know about search and rescue training.

I decided to run up to our local community college afterwards and find out about the Basic EMT class they have. I would definitely need to re-take the class and this time I would want to be certified nationally. Classes start tomorrow and I called Mr. Macchiato to see if we could swing it... knowing that we couldn't. It was just a crazy thought.

I felt bad for calling him afterward because I knew he would feel bad for saying no. It was crazy for me to even go up there anyway. I mean... I can't talk. How can I do something like that with my voice? What am I thinking??? I'm supposed to be accepting my limitations. Right?

I try really hard to have a good attitude. I really do.

I sent Mr. Macchiato a text telling him it is okay and I don't know what I was thinking... but then I cried. I HATE not being able to talk. I HATE how limited I am because of it. I NEVER thought I'd have to stay home by myself. Once my kids were raised I planned on working... or at least, doing volunteer work.

I am always overwhelmed when those feelings surface in all their ugliness. I think I've finally gotten beyond that and then I get smacked upside the head with it all over again. I thought to myself that I would call Mr. Macchiato when I got home and ask him to see if he can get me an appointment with Dr. Berke in L.A. We've been talking about it a long time and I want to risk the surgery.

Only... when I got home I got a call from him. He felt bad and got online to get the information to call. However, he followed a link to NSDA and saw that a doctor in Denver I've communicated with before is now doing the surgery. I contacted this doctor and we e-mailed over a year ago... after my doctor here told me I was his most difficult case and there was nothing more he could do for me. This doctor in Denver did not take our insurance... nor was he doing surgery but he is one of the two NSDA board certified doctors that deals with SD in the state (at least back then, I haven't looked at that stuff in awhile). He's now taking our insurance. AND I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE HIM NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Oh God.... PLEASE let him be able to help me!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Walk with Me

We left right after church yesterday to go on a hike. It started from a parking lot along the highway...

Most of the snow has melted leaving the landscape in a wintry pallor...

When you get down into the trees there is some lingering snow and ice. In fact, much of the trail in these areas was frozen over...

I am looking forward to returning to the places we've hiked this winter in the summer. I'm really interested to see the difference...

There were a lot of people on the trail at certain points. Even though I go hiking with family and friends one of my favorite things about hiking is those stretches when I'm all alone and it is quiet...

I think we are supposed to be getting more snow later this week...

I think about all sorts of things while I am hiking...

On this hike it was about the paths my life has taken... and the different paths of others' lives...
The conditions of the path were constantly changing... much like how our lives constantly change...

Sometimes life is messy and you have to walk through some mud...

Sometimes you have to keep your head down and concentrate on just putting one foot in front of the other so you don't stumble...

Sometimes the path is easy...

And you can take the time to really look at the world around you...
Sometimes you can hold your head up, look off into the distance and contemplate the bigger picture...

And sometimes you can look back at roads you've already taken...

One thing is for certain... life is not always easy.
It struck me as I was looking down at the highway on our way back to the parking lot... We have always loved being in the mountains. It used to be that we would get in our car and drive that highway. We would enjoy the scenery from inside the car while we snacked and listened to music. We would stop and stretch at a Starbucks or a restaurant...
I'm glad we are changing that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Would You Believe...

I took the capri pants back and bought swim shorts for the before picture? I did... and I can't believe it. I also drank a gallon of water before which brought my weight up some. It's just that I want to win and a good deal of the judging is based on the before and after pictures... if I covered up some of the horror... the improvement would be covered up as well. We have to wear the same thing in both photos. I don't even know how bad the pictures are because they don't show them to us until it is all over.

I need to lose weight. I need to get healthy. I need to be strong.

I think I've shared on here before that I wanted to be a paramedic. After High School I went to a Vo Tech in Pennsylvania and received my Emergency Medical Technician certification. We moved to Seattle right after that... well, there was a detour in San Diego that lasted over six months before that. I never did work as an EMT. I interviewed in Seattle but I was only 19 years old at the time and they would only hire those over 21 years old due to insurance reasons. I couldn't volunteer because you needed your own car and I didn't have one yet. The way it worked back then in that state was that you had to have three years street experience before you were sponsored through a Paramedic program at one of the colleges... there were only 3 in the state that had one.

I met Mr. Macchiato at that time in early 1986. I decided to go to the community college with pre-med as my stated major while I waited to pursue paramedics. The problem was getting into the pre-requisite classes was near impossible. So, I took classes like English, Philosophy, Economics... etc. And... I dropped out after the winter quarters both the first and second year. Long story. I only have 4 quarters of college credit... that I am sure are no longer any good.

Mr. Macchiato and I got engaged on Christmas Eve 1987. I found out I was pregnant in July of 1988. We didn't get married until November of 1988. I was six months pregnant. Things got sticky right after I found out I was pregnant... my parents split for the final time after nearly 25 years of marriage... and Mr. Macchiato could not find a job after just graduating from college. Someone that worked with his mom approached her to tell her that her and her husband would like to sponsor us through a pre-marriage class at their church. She knew that we had originally met at a church and had stopped going several months after we started dating a couple years before. I did not want to go. The thought of walking into a pre-marriage class at a church while visibly pregnant was more than I could bear. Mr. Macchiato talked me into it. The night of the first class he was late and I had to walk in alone. The gal that sponsored us was wonderful and sat with me. He was late because he was offered a job that day and was taking care of some things with his new employer. We've attended church regularly all these years since.

After completing the class and some additional counseling together apart from the class we finally got married. My mother-in-law picked me up to take me to lunch one day and drove from Bellevue to Seattle. It was just supposed to be the two of us but she decided she wanted Mr. Macchaito to go too. When we got to the parking lot of his office building she wanted me to go in with her to get him. We argued a bit because I was six months pregnant and he hadn't told anyone at work. In the end I went in with her keeping my coat and arms around my front.

They had a surprise wedding shower for us in their lunch room. They had contacted his mom to set it up and she had thought the shower was a baby shower... so they did know before I got there that day. These two days are the most embarrassing days of my life!!! In fact, while we were opening presents we got one in a Victoria's Secret box from my mother-in-law. I turned bright red and didn't want to open it. Thank the Good Lord it was a picture frame!!!

I shared this because I thought about this time in our lives this week. Mr. Macchiato was not happy with the outfit I bought for the before pictures and felt it covered up too much. Sometimes facing what you are ashamed of brings forth good fruit. I never wanted to be one of those girls that "had" to get married. I wanted the fairy tale wedding... and then the baby. But, choices always have consequences and it was our choices that changed that. One thing is for sure... I wanted my baby.

I've also been thinking a lot about how I had wanted to be a paramedic. I've actually never lost that desire. I don't know... I broke my back in 1993 in a jet ski accident and have been a stay at home mom for over twenty years. I can't talk. You have to be able to talk to do that job. It is also a job that typically has 24 hour shifts. But...

I look at what is going on in Haiti... stuff that has gone on like that in our own country... I am nearly 6 feet tall. I could help if I were physically fit. I could be hands and feet on the ground. I am broken in certain ways... but I am not in others.

This 12 week challenge is so much more than just losing weight for me. It is walking away from chains that have had me bound. It is about looking forward to what I can do rather than looking back at what I used to do. It is about finally accepting my true limitations and identifying those that are only in my mind. It is about moving from one season of my life into the next one. Most of these changes have come about slowly. This is not unlike the transition part of labor... I've been going through so many of these feelings for a long time... like contractions. It has all come together and I'm gearing up for those final pushes.

My goodness... I am a weirdo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Panic Attack!!!

So many people signed up for the challenge at the gym that they are doing it in different "flights." I signed up for the first flight forgetting that we had to go out of town last weekend for that wrestling tournament. So, I am in the second flight.

Tomorrow I have to report for my before photos, measurements and body fat analysis. Today I went shopping for my outfit. They prefer you were a bikini. Ummm. NO. Not. Gonna. Happen. I did try on a bikini top with swim shorts. The sight of myself in the mirror made me break out into a nauseous sweat. I ended up buying a workout top that is similar to a bikini top and cute capri workout pants to match.

I don't know if I can do it. I had to sign a release giving them the rights to the pictures when I signed up. I know they are going to say I should at least wear shorts because of what I've read already but... I'm 43 years old, had three children and have been a super deluxe fat ass for too long! I am also one of the whitest people to ever have walked the earth. You can look at two people the same size and the person that is the whitest looks the worst. I know. I check people out all the time.

I looked through the before and afters of other people from previous challenges and in their before pictures you can tell they are pooching out their stomachs, they aren't smiling, their hair is pulled back, etc. In the after pictures they look like they've been tanning, they have big smiles, their hair is down and fixed nice. Oh my gosh... this might kill me.

There's money for the winners. I'm trying to kill a couple birds with one stone here. I can't get a job so this would be a way for me to possibly bring in a little money. I need to lose weight and get in shape. Even if I don't win... I still win because I will be that much closer to my goal.

I am so sore from Tuesday that I didn't go to the gym yesterday and I might not later today. I can't even sit down without having to fall the last several inches. I saw the trainer for 30 minutes and he had me do weights. I then killed half an hour on the incline treadmill waiting for a step class to start. The last step class I took was back in 1995 and I fell of my box.

When I was six years old I overheard my Mom talking to my Dad about how they needed to get me into ballet because I was so clumsy. I came home not long after to find the classic pink tights and black leotard laid across my bed. I remember well that first class. I didn't know if the tights went under or over the leotard and I didn't want to ask my mom. I went with over, put my clothes on and hopped in the car. I was mortified when I realized my mistake and I still remember what that bathroom looked like and how cold it was when I went to switch things around.

I was clumsy. My parents had me in dance for a number of years. It seemed to me that I was slow picking things up but that I did get it eventually. I did enjoy the recitals. In high school I took jazz. My freshman year I tried out for the drill team but they held the try outs in the gym and anyone could come watch. I did terrible because a boy that lived on my street that I had a secret crush on walked in right as we were starting. He was a senior and I never even talked to him once. I got a call back to try out again but I was so traumatized that I was no longer interested.

Well, I don't think I have to tell you that I totally sucked at that class. I did not fall of the box this time. That may have something to do with the fact that when things got complicated I just marched on the floor. In fact, I reminded myself of our son when he first started playing soccer. All the other kids would be running around after the ball and he'd be running in circles somewhere else on the field. In an effort to get him to pay attention we told him we would buy him a sword if he made a goal. I was one of those Moms that initially did not allow any sort of "violent" toys. Thing is... boys make those toys on their own... a stick... a bent over barbie doll... their fingers. Anyway, he was five and wanted a "real" sword really bad. He made his goal... against his own team and turned around with his arms in the air while shouting, "Yes! I get a sword! I get a sword!"

The instructor encouraged me to come back and told me that it takes time. I understand that and I do think I'll go back... when, and if, I can ever move again. My poor parents wasted their money on all those dance lessons. I am so uncoordinated! What is funny is my kids think I can dance. They are always trying to figure out my moves... which are pretty sweet but... they are crazy and it is stuff I just pull out. Taking directions and following someone else is a whole nother ball game at which I FAIL.

Would you believe I went back to the gym later that night with Mr. Macchiato? I did. I did an hour on the elliptical a.k.a. my comfort zone. He was doing cardio and weights so I had to kill another 45 minutes. I tried the rowing machine and then I went and rode a bike in the cinema room. I was so tired!

I had to psych myself up just to roll over in bed last night. I definitely need to be more careful about how much I do. Maybe I'll try some aerobic housecleaning tonight instead...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm heavy hearted and in a "why?" mood.

Haiti... My goodness. Why is it that the worst disasters strike areas already hurting?

I've been reading about Africa again. This time Swaziland. So many orphans...

Here I am on a quest to lose weight... My overindulgence disgusts me.

All the self pity I've indulged in because I can't eat whatever I want without getting fat.

All the self pity I've indulged in because our deck is rotting and our fence is falling apart.

All the self pity I've indulged in because I have Spasmodic Dysphonia.

All the self pity I've indulged in because of so many of the "problems" in my life.

The fact is I am so incredibly blessed. So incredibly blessed without deserving it. I had no control over where I was born or what family I was born into. I had no control over what I would look like or my mental capabilities. So many are born into horrifying situations. So many are born with physical deformities and/or decreased brain function and/or disease.


It says in the Bible that we are blessed so that we may bless. We've felt good about ourselves for sponsoring one child in Africa for $38 a month through World Vision. We spend more than that on one dinner out. We've felt good about filling up shoe boxes with cheap Christmas gifts and toiletries to send to kids in other countries once a year for Samaritans Purse at a cost far less than we even spent on one of our children for Christmas. We felt good about filling up a couple buckets for Buckets of Love to be sent to another country... again with each bucket costing about what it does to take our family out to eat one nice meal. We've donated clothes and our cast offs countless times... but it is stuff we no longer had a need and/or want for. When a disaster happens we often send a check to a relief organization... and we go about living our unchanged lives.


My heart is breaking... the numbers of dead in Haiti are staggering.

I am more motivated than ever to keep losing weight... to becoming physically strong and healthy. I never want to go back to the gluttony that has been my life for far too long. I am blessed and I am praying for God to show me how I can use what I have to bless others. And I am praying... I am praying for all those people...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Gosh... Trying to lose weight is time consuming. It is not just finding the time to work out... it is the meal planning and preparation too. I have to admit, I am a bit stressed. Here I am a stay at home Mom with only one kid, who happens to be in high school and gone until 5:30 pm every night, and you'd think I had all the time in the world. I don't.

This is terrible... I still have Christmas decorations to put away. They are all sitting on the ping pong table in the basement. It is so easy to throw stuff down there and forget about it. The tree in the basement is still up. Oy.

I am behind on my laundry. Part of the reason is that Frappy is home and every time I go to put something in she's got something going. That girl can go six weeks or more without doing laundry... she has that many pairs of underwear and clothes. Good Lord. I think she has more (and nicer) towels than I do.

Guess what?!?!? This is HUGE. I stopped putting sweetener in my coffee. Okay... someone should probably revive my mother. I hated coffee and never drank it until I was 36 years old. I was helping take care of my Grandpa while he was dying of cancer and I was desperate. I've always put tons of sugar or sweetener. It was downright embarrassing. I'm a big girl now!!! All I'm putting in it is fat free half and half. No flavor. Wow. I have to say... I'm amazed. I do drink a lot of tea, mostly green. The fact is though, if you need a caffeine hit... nothing does it like coffee. I only drink one or two cups a day though.

I'm meeting with the trainer again this morning. I hope he doesn't hurt me. Something strange happened when I met with him last time. He had me on the incline treadmill at 18% grade (I've never put it higher than 9%) and going at a speed of 2.5 miles an hour to start. Then he stood there talking the whole time and I just had to do it. It wasn't bad but I like to start out slow and gradually increase things. My lungs and throat were burning a bit. I tend to avoid that feeling. However, afterwards I had some words come out stronger and it got me wondering. It didn't last long. When I went through speech therapy I did the breathing exercises and worked very hard at doing what the speech pathologist had me doing... but... hmmmmm. I don't think my weight has anything to do with my voice because I was thinner than I am now when I was diagnosed. Maybe working out really hard and breathing really hard will change things. Wouldn't that be something???

Oh... and I am now off ALL medication. Including my water pills. Those were the scariest for me to stop. I can take them if I start to swell though. It makes me crazy that we don't know why I do that. Those are something I will keep on hand though, just in case.

My goodness, this is a boring post. Well, I'm off. I've got a lot to cram into this day.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrestling Weekend

Mr. Macchiato took Friday off, we went to Double Shot's school at noon, loaded up with wrestlers and then we headed out in a caravan of SUV's and minivans to a wrestling tournament several hours away. Or... "out to the goons" as Double Shot would say.

All the boys stayed in the loft of the gym that the tournament was being held at and the parents got hotel rooms. Mr. Macchiato and I had our choice of eating at the bowling alley with the kids, the gas station Subway, or a little what we thought was a Mexican restaurant. We chose the little restaurant.

What an incredible restaurant! It is actually an Uruguyan Grill. All of the food is cooked on a wood fired grill and it is fascinating to watch.

I am ashamed to say I ate this entire steak. Oh my goodness!!!

Mr. Macchiato got this mixed meat platter. He ate every bit as well. Dinner was pretty expensive but at least it was excellent in every way!
Wrestling tournaments are pretty crazy. There can be a lot of changes and they often start late and run long. We went to bed pretty late.


The boys looked pretty bad in the morning. It was very uncomfortable in the gym because they guys had all their gear thrown all over the stands and we kind of had to perch in the middle of it. It was like having to hang out in my son's room all day... only worse. If that is even possible.

Some kids would just crash right where they were. It was crazy!

Double Shot lost his matches so we decided to go walk around town. Westcliffe, Colorado is basically a main street. The views are incredible!

We ended back up at the restaurant we ate at the night before. We could not help ourselves.

We both ordered the London Broil salad. This salad cost $7.00 and was it ever worth it!
Sadly, the restaurant is for sale. The owner and cook is a young gal that is getting married and moving to New York. I can't imagine the same quality being maintained with different owners but... you never know. We fell in love with this place.

It is really a tiny little restaurant... very quaint.

On Friday we overheard some people ordering what they wanted when they came in next week. It reminded me of that show Cheers.

If you know anyone looking to invest in something like this... the information is right in this picture!

I loved this statue of an old barefoot cowboy reading!

This little Bed & Breakfast is for sale too... Actually, half the town is for sale. Sign of the times I suppose.

This picture was taken from up in the loft where the boys slept and where mat #3 was located. One of our guys was wresting downstairs and a friend of Jacob's was getting ready to wrestle up there. During his match he was picked up... when he fell to the ground both bones in his left forearm snapped. We all heard it.
Just half an hour earlier one of our wrestlers was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Another ambulance was called. The boy rides with us often to these things and his father was not at the tournament (it is just the two of them) so we followed the ambulance...

It took an hour to get to the hospital in Pueblo...

The other wrestler from our team was just down the hall. He had gotten his neck wrenched pretty bad. He checked out good though and they released him after a couple hours. We went out to dinner with him and his Dad after the other boy's Dad got there.

Sometimes you don't even need an x-ray to know that a bone is broken and this was definitely one of those times!

When we left the hospital they were waiting for the orthopaedic surgeon to come look at him. The main doctor felt he needed surgery.

After we had dinner we returned to the hospital to check on them and got a laugh out of where they told us he'd been transferred to at the ER window. This kid weighs 170 lbs and benches 250 lbs. He wasn't there though... he was in surgery. We went to the waiting room and visited with his Dad for a bit before we headed home.
The surgery went well and he was released from the hospital Sunday night.
This was one of those weekends that was so jam packed that I need a day to recuperate! I'm not going to get it though. OY.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby, Oh Baby!!!

Sometimes I get out the baby pictures and remember... I love babies!!! The kids are in order... Chai Tea, Frappacino and Double Shot. So you know, that is what Double Shot looked like his first three months. Good times! LOL! Hard to believe they are almost 21, 19 and 17 years old. Time sure flies...
Our fur babies were born only one day apart and will be 3 years old next week. We've only had Taffy since October but I sure would have loved to have had her as a puppy! She's so tiny she's kind of like a forever puppy. We got Benny the day he turned 9 weeks. Oh my goodness did we ever have fun with him!
Do y'all know how much I love my Benny?
He has pretty much looked the same since he was about 8 months old, which he is here in this picture.
He is a wOnDeRfUL dog...
well, except when he's a bad dog.


Why, oh why are dogs puppies for such a short time?

Of course, Benny is still very puppy like.
He just weighs 75 lbs.


He was the easiest dog to potty train!
In that way he is the BEST DOG EVER!!!

Turkey Leg Puppy!

Benny has always LOVED toys!!!

We still use this same basket for his toys...
Each day he digs around in it countless times.

It is amazing he was ever out of our arms when we could still hold him.
Of course, that's where he still wants to be.
He doesn't mind at all that he's a big boy.

He still looks at his toys like this!

These pictures were taken pre-remodel and that step up to the dining room behind Benny was removed.

Oh Good Lord...
He was learning how to go up the stairs... too cute!!!


These pictures crack me up... he still does this!

Oh my!!!

That linoleum is GONE!!!

You know he was wanting to be picked up!

Would you look at that fat puppy belly!!!

That's my BOOPER!!!