Thursday, December 10, 2009


Double Shot has moved on from football to wrestling. (By the way, he got his letter in football at the big end of season banquet Monday night. Woot Woot!) He has never wrestled before and he comes home from practice each night telling us how hard it is. That shocked us because he is very conditioned. He, of course, loves it. He's frustrated at the same time though because he just wants to win. That's Double Shot for you. Oy.
Double Shot had a meet last night and it was my first time to get to see him wrestle. They started things off last weekend at a big 28 school tournament across the state. I stayed home and boy am I ever glad I did! They had to meet at the school at 4:30 am and did not get home until 2:00 am the following morning. Jacob made it to the play off rounds and ended up 2 and 2 for the day, which was excellent for a first time wrestler. He is very strong but does not understand the technique yet. Mr. Macchiato told me that at one point he had a guy pinned and was yelling up to his coach because he didn't know what to do next.
Double Shot is in the burgundy on the right up above. He weighed in at 158 last night but had to wrestle up at 171 with that guy there that made weight by .1 lb. That kid also placed 5th at state last year.

Double Shot fought... he squirmed like a worm to try to get out of bounds several times.

Double Shot does NOT like to lose.
But, as he says, he got owned.
The people around us were telling each other that Double Shot is a "first year," and then they would remark as they watched that he was a "real fighter." It was still hard for me to watch. I can't believe how they smash their faces into the mat! There's another meet tonight. I hope Double Shot gets to wrestle someone more evenly matched.
I really would have liked to have a break from sports. It is never ending... They've already started pitching practice for baseball and off season conditioning for football... so even if he didn't wrestle he'd still be busy. I guess this is what we get for taking our spastically hyper four year old son and putting him in soccer in the hopes it would make him tired. Thirteen years later... he's not tired yet.
*Keith is my Step Dad


Oklahoma Granny said...

Double Shot sounds like a true athlete. Such drive and determination. I don't know much at all about wrestling but it sounds like with some experience those wins will definitely come.

Just Me said...

True wrestling IS hard. This is actually a sport in which I hope Mighty B. takes interest. I suspect he'll be very good at it.

With practice, I'm sure Double Shot won't be "owned" very often.