Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season...

For Asthma to rear its ugly head...
Fortunately, Double Shot is doing much better.
Not so much...
Actually, I am feeling better now too.
But... I wasn't.
Okay, I decree that we are DONE with illness now for at least one year!
Guess What?
I have not bought one present yet.
And... I HATE shopping.
And... stores are super crowded right now.


noexcuses said...

Hey Coffee,

Your tree is beautiful! I love the lights!

Don't worry about the shopping. Just take a deep breath and plan to go when the stores first open. Take a friend with you for help.

Then, there are the catalogs.....

Chris H said...

Gorgeous tree~!
I start buying my presents in January!
I already have some put aside for NEXT Christmas in fact! I am super organised this year.
Good luck with your shopping, I know you hate it!
You are weird... I LOVE shopping!

jojo said...

I'm with you on the shopping, guess I should start soon heh?

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your tree and mantel are both beautiful! I'm so glad I don't have any more shopping to do - well maybe a few little things but nothing major. Glad you and Double Shot are feeling better!

Just Me said...

Glad you're starting to feel better.

I love shopping online. Between Amazon and QVC, I can cover a lot of ground.

The "Taggies" dog for Kryptonite, though, was something I had to see in person before buying it. I'm glad I did. If she doesn't like it, I just might sleep with it.

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I HATE shopping, but have done it anyway. I know the gifts mean so much to others that we love and our kids. I finished everything up yesterday and got LOTS done in a day. Just set out, and you will get quite a bit done. Praying for you right now for God to give you stength and endurance!

Trisha said...

I was thinking of you the other day. Do you happen to have an iPhone? If you do, there is a speaking word processor app which might help out when you need to talk to people . . . just a thought.

Kathy said...

Your Christmas decor is lovely! I am so glad to hear that doubleshot is feeling better and that you are also.