Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's...

So... I was diagnosed in November as being Pre-Diabetic. Oy. I met with a Diabetes counselor/RN and a Dietitian the beginning of December. I did everything as I should. I started testing my blood, taking medication and watching what I ate. We joined a gym in July so I'd already been exercising regularly. Then... the latent homeschooler in me was stirred. That part of me that says, "Should I just do as I'm told or should I figure this out for myself?"

As a little girl when I colored I would first outline the inside of the black lines of the pictures with the colors I chose. I would lightly color in the pictures all neat and tidy... then I would add things. That is the way I tend to do things. Initially, I find out what the rules are, I follow them... and then I modify them.

Since I am in that gray pre-diabetic stage... I decided to stop taking the medication. Is one blood test enough to set me on that course? No, not for me. There is a blood test that can determine your blood sugars over three months. I decided to eat as I did before the last several weeks and have that test run on Wednesday. I will be meeting with the RN and Dietitian the first week of January. I will tell them what I did and why. I am joining a 2010 fitness challenge at our gym that runs for 12 weeks. I am committing to eating right and exercising faithfully during that time. At the end of the 12 weeks I will have that same blood test run. If that test shows that I am, in fact pre-diabetic, I will take the medication and follow their recommendations.

This is not a New Year's Resolution. It is a New Year's Experiment... and I'm going to blog my way through it.


jojo said...

being diabetic myself I am really interested to see how this works for you...good luck and best wishes for the new year...;p

claudia said...

I'm the same way. I have decided that the doctors can't always know exactly what is best for me, so I kind of make up my own rules as I go.
We know ourselves better than anyone, we just don't always know the terminology!
Happy New Year!
I hope the tests come out the best for you!

Trisha said...

Keep us posted about how the blood work goes. It sounds interesting.

Personally, I always colored inside the lines but could never figure out why purple trees and blue humans were "wrong." That is how they looked in my imagination!

I just caught up on a couple of your posts - are you feeling better? Double ear infections AND a sinus infection. You really know how to get sick!

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Trisha!

Well... my hearing seems to be wonky. I am getting better though. Slowly... I feel like it's been one thing after another since the beginning of October. Oy.

And Happy New Year to you, JoJo and Claudia!!!

Melody said...

A lot of pre-diabetics can control the diabetes with diet and exercise.

Try eating a lower glycemic diet, which won't spike blood sugars, and eat whole grains instead of processed.

Exercise will make the insulin your body makes work better, because your body will utilize it better.

Good luck!

Karen Deborah said...

very good. Study study and then apply your knowledge. Meds are the last option in my book. Losing weight will get you out of the danger zone.

Gladys said...

CB, I'm not prediabetic but I am HYPOglycemic. I took myself off of sugars and starches a year ago and feel so much better. My cholesterol is down as is my weight. I have also leveled out my plunging sugar levels. Good for you for taking your health into your own hands.

Chris H said...

Your experiment sounds good! Hope is shows you are just fine!