Monday, December 21, 2009

Lordy Lordy

Oh Booper...
You do make my heart sing.

He was just hanging out at my feet in a little patch of sunlight.

Here's the little clothes pin chewing piglet...
plumb wore out!
She is such a teeny tiny thing...
all fur really.

Friday night we took part in a progressive dinner.
Some people really do not like those...
I love them!
We had a blast!
These are the homemade desserts from the last house.

Oh Mama...
This one was my favorite!

I ate some of this Italian Creme Cake too...
And half a cream puff...
Oh Mama...

Then, the next morning...
I ate this.

Good Lord. It is hard to be good this time of year! The battery on our scale went out so I don't even know the damage. And... we baked yesterday. I only had a few tastes of what we made but... it showed this morning in the form of my blood sugar reading. Yikes! The brakes are pulled!
My right eardrum ruptured at 2:30 am Saturday. It started hurting during the progressive dinner but I had been "off" all day Friday. My hearing is messed up. I was joking around that all I needed now was to have someone poke me in the eyes and I'd be deaf, dumb and blind. Sadly, it's really not so much of an exaggeration as it should be. Oy. Now I've got a cold. What the heck? I've been drinking Emergen-C several times a day and drinking Danon immunity booster thingies. They failed me. Miserably.
It is so nice to have Frappy home. She's got all her stuff strewn across the counter in the bathroom... there's mascara on my washcloths... and she's got two months worth of laundry scattered across her floor. Yes, baby girl is home. LOL!
I miss Chai Tea. I wish all my babies were home.


paul mitchell said...

Wow, I wish that I was on a very strict diet from my doctor, too!

Coffee Bean said...

I've been a very bad girl...

But just for several days. I be good now.

Just Me said...

Oh, wow!!!! That log cake (with the German name I can't spell) is so pretty! What were the "mushrooms" made of?

Nothing like a happy dog by your side.

So sorry about your ear. I think earaches are the worst.

And I'm glad you'll at least have Frappy home for Christmas. Maybe you'll be blessed with a good stretch of time with Chai in the near future.

Gladys said...

I slipped a little today. I made homemade Almond Rocca and had to taste test it. It's required honest it says it in the recipe and since I was home alone well it was my duty.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I think Progressive Dinners are so much fun and all the food looks delish! I'd just have to try them all. Those pancakes with that whipped cream are fantastic. Have fun with your kiddos!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Trisha said...

The food looks yummy! No wonder you couldn't resist. I personally love progressive dinners too - they are such fun. A bit of a hassle getting everywhere but worth it!

Sorry to hear about your ear - that is certainly NOT good! I am thinking about you and praying you get over the cold fast!

Chris H said...

Teddy's favourite spot is on the back of the couch too!
So cute.
All that food... ekkkkkk!

Angela said...

Loved all the pictures that you have shared..Everything looks beautiful. christmas day we had 'breakfast' too,,at 3