Monday, December 28, 2009

Hike to St. Mary's Falls

I'd rather spend the day after Christmas outside...
No catching me in the stores!!!
The creek was rushing beneath the ice and you could see it...
it was really cool and I wish it showed better in the picture.

There had been hikers at some point on the trail before us but they turned around here. Breaking a trail is pretty slippery.

This is the frozen waterfall. You can see the ice beneath our footsteps.

We walked around on it and stood in the middle of it. We could hear the water rushing beneath us.

This is the waterfull up above where we were standing.

We could see some water running through this crack.

Our view of Colorado Springs and Kansas beyond.

The sun came out on the way down and was warm on our backs! So nice with it only being 20 degrees.

Our lunch... YUM!!!
And so not healthy.

We decided to go see Sherlock Holmes...
only it was sold out.
We then decided to see Invictus...
but were way early and had to hang out in the theater by ourselves.
Double Shot was goofing around. Well, we all were.
You can see his hair is no longer black.
Not quite the right color yet but close enough.
We'll just let it grow out now.

Invictus was an excellent movie!
I know quite a bit of South African history and found the movie fascinating.


Flea said...

Way cool! Looks like an awesome hike! I'm jealous. :)

My crew saw Sherlock and said it was fantastic.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Spectacular snow pictures! Lunch looked good but not sure what those disk things are - some type of fried potatoes? I so want to see Sherlock but will wait until the crowds thin out.

Gladys said...

Gorgeous hike. You are a tougher woman than me. When it's 20 degrees I'm snuggled up with a book.

Karen Deborah said...

OK if you can hear the water underneath; how do you know that the ice is thick enough so you don't fall threw? Quite beautiful, and looks very cold. I am so not into freezing cold weather. Lunch looks good to me.

Chris H said...

What awesome photos! Well done going for a trek!

claudia said...

That hike looked awfully cold...but beautiful.
Thanks for the movie "review", now when it is on DVD I'll know to rent it!
Happy New Year!!!