Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tea

I was hosting our small church Christmas Tea for the ladies on Saturday and busy all day Friday getting ready for it. Mr. Macchiato picked up Double Shot from wrestling practice, took him out to dinner and then they went to the gym to play basketball. On the way home they stopped at the store for me and it was there that Double Shot started not feeling well. When they got home Double Shot turned down the protein smoothie I made for him. I knew he was sick just by looking at him. His lips always turn white.

Just before midnight Double Shot started throwing up. Even though Mr. Macchiato had given him a bucket he tried to make it to the bathroom and ended up throwing up all over in part of his room and the hallway. At 1 am we were bisselling the carpet. I then went to walmart to buy lysol wipes, chicken soup, gatorade, saltine crackers, apple sauce and apple juice.

Double Shot had a big wrestling tournament on Saturday with weigh ins at 7 am. At 4 am I checked his temperature which was 101 degrees. I told him he was going to have to miss the tournament. Double Shot will play in games even when he's sick. He is that driven. However, this time he looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't even want to wrestle right now."

I thought about going ahead with the tea and just having Double Shot stay up in our room. With him being that kind of sick though I knew I couldn't not tell people before they came. I was afraid if we called everyone that they would not come. I sure wouldn't. I waited until 7 am to call the gal that was helping me to see what she thought. I was thinking maybe we could postpone it until Sunday after church. She absolutely shocked me when she said, "Let's just move it to my house."

So, that is what we did. I got Mr. Macchaito up and we loaded up a table and some chairs and then headed to her house so I could get all my packing material back so I could go pack up my china. I had given it all to her because I told her I would never pack up my china and take it across town for something like that! It was a crazy morning.

Amazingly, we did not lose even one person that had rsvp'd. We all had a great time and everything went surprisingly well. And... all my china made it home safely. I can be a tad controlling when it comes to certain things. I try very hard to hide it. I let things go and went with the flow. Inside it was a little hard at times but I did it. It was amazing to me to watch someone just step up like that. And it wasn't that her house was all perfect and that it was easy for them. They really had to scramble and their house is even smaller than ours. We had 18 ladies... and some children! I had wanted to host the tea because no one else seemed to want to and I wanted to bless the other ladies. In the end, I think I'm the one that was blessed... and I learned some things.

Poor Double Shot is still sick. We are all pretty stressed because he has finals later this week. When he gets sick like that it often times ends up affecting his lungs and that is what he's struggling with now. It can take weeks for him to fully recover. We kept him home from school and are praying that he will be well enough to return tomorrow. He needs to make those finals if he can.


Melody said...

It all looks beautiful! I hope that double shot will get feeling better soon!

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a lovely table you set! Your church ladies surely had a wonderful time. I'll keep Double Shot in my prayers. I hope he'll feel well enough to return to school tomorrow.

Just Me said...

I hope Double Shot is better soon, and I hope nobody else catches that germ. It sounds horrid.

Your tea looks so pretty! It's the sort of thing I dream of doing and never manage to pull off.

I understand exactly what you mean with beind "a tad controlling" with some stuff. I do it all the time, In fact, I was mentally outlining a post about it. It's so nice when you can let go of that.

noexcuses said...

Your tables look beautiful! I'm sure the ladies had a wonderful time.

It is hard to let go, but sometimes God does things like that just to remind us who "really" is in charge!

Nice post. I hope Double Shot is feeling better.

Chris H said...

I hope your son is feeling much better now.
What a lovely lady to step up like that and have the tea at her home.

Karen Deborah said...

yuk does have the flu? Keep the asthma in check if you can. poor kid.

Love the way the tea turned out.

Come and read about my near brush with death it will impress even you.

Kathy said...

Isn't it wonderful when people step up and surprise us? I love Church teas. It has been awhile....