Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday Hike, The Crags

The sunrise Sunday morning was amazing!

I grabbed my camera and ran to the end of our street in my fuzzy pink slippers!

This was the view to the north.

I packed us a lunch so we could head up the hill after church. This is the dirt road that leads to the trail head.

It wasn't long before we hit snow... and vehicles in trouble.
At this point an older gentlemen informed us of the road conditions ahead and told us he wouldn't continue if he were us.
Mr. Macchiato... continued on, of course.

These people were blocking the road. Yes, they are wearing shorts. This is not an uncommon sight in Colorado. All I can say is, they must be native Coloradans.
We do not wear shorts in snow. Ever.
Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot had to help get them out and turned around.
We went up the road a little bit and turned around ourselves to park near this location. There weren't even any car tracks several hundred yards beyond that car.
We walked the rest of the way to the trail head.

Much of the trail runs beside a creek. I love the sound of water tumbling over rocks while out in the middle of trees!
It is a wonderful place to be!

The trail was snow packed but still difficult to walk on. If you stepped in the wrong place your foot would sink down anywhere from 8" to above your knee.

The parts where the footprints of others were frozen solid hurt the bottom of my feet. This picture does not do a good job of showing how deep those footprints are... about 5".

Much of the trail wanders through a valley.

There are huge icicles coming down off the rocks behind those trees. The snow was too deep for me to get closer.
Of course, Double Shot got up in there and grabbed himself and ice sword.
Still a little boy in some ways, LOL!

Here the snow was deep and only partially packed... My legs were BURNING!!!

The views were spectacular but I really had to watch where I was walking. I fell four times.

Where's Double Shot?
He's up there! LOL!

We actually lost the trail and ended up on another high point than where we intended to go.

But I made it!!!
That last bit uphill was really tough for me. I stepped in the wrong place and my leg went into snow thigh high... on a steep incline. That scared me and the guys were way ahead.

This is on the way down. It was going up this part that my leg went so deep in the snow to the right.

This is my favorite picture from the hike.

I am guessing deer tracks...
Probably a Buck given the size.
You can thank me for not taking pictures of animal droppings.
I thought about it.

The sunset from the dirt road on our way out.
We did not see any other people on the trail.

The sky changes so fast here! I wanted to get a picture of Pike's Peak in the sunset... That is the Back of Pike's Peak there... from the road. This was taken with my camera pointed backwards out of the window.

This was taken minutes later at the Starbucks in Woodland Park with the Peak in the upper left corner.
Mr. Macchiato,
I am sorry for calling you a Jack A$$. Multiple times. You were right and the hike was worth the trouble! Yes, your stubborness pays off many times.
Thanks for taking us to Outback for dinner!


paul mitchell said...

Remember, there is a reason that we had kids and that is to have someone to pull the sled up the mountain with us in it. Use the boy for those tasks for which he was spawned. Even better, get a two man sled so you and Mr. M can both ride.

Trust me on this.

Deborah said...

Beautiful photos!

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Holy cow you guys are adventurous! Very cool and very fun!

Mr. Macchiato said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the hike.

Sandi McBride said...

Better you than me! I'm glad you took pictures, that means I can sit at the desk and enjoy the view without risk to life and limb...specially life, closely followed by limb.

Trisha said...

Congrats on making it! That picture of you at the top is wonderful for motivation!

I loved the photos and your message to Mr. Macchiato is sweet.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Spectacular pictures!

Kathy said...

Catching up on one of my most favorite blogs!
This brought back so many memories of my time living there in the 'Springs'. Yikes, way back when I was a young bride and mommy. I remember saying stuff like that to my hubby too while driving in the snowy mountains. If fact, he made me learn to drive a stick shift up there. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Thanks for forcing her to continue onwards Mr M!

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to your hubby. I call mine A**hole when he frustrates me to pieces! He is so conditioned to it that he sometimes looks at me before I have a chance to say it and quips, "I know, I'm an a**hole." He says it with a grin. Bratt.

Stanley said...

My Eagle Scout training tells me that those are actually rabbit tracks. A rabbit at a full run will have their back feet very close together causing the big dot in the back. Their front feet basically hit where the back feet propel them to then drag forward the next time the back feet push. They also look a little old, or that they had a little snow go over them since they tracks were laid down.